Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing New Going On Here........

Well not much new to report around here. Still on Birth Control until we get the go ahead. Just trying to get my body ready. I am no longer allowed to work full I am looking into becoming a wellness therapist and working part time. I also just got one of the Girls Assistant Varsity Track Coaching positions at Mooresville High School, so I am now a 2 sport coach. I am really excited.

Other then that I think Cecil and I are going to start looking for a permanet home in the spring. We live in our flip houses when we get them done. We will still flip we just will not live in them. Its been fun, but we are ready to have our own home again, and with a new baby hopefully, we need to be settled.
Well since I have nothing new to post I thought I would post some of my doggies, we have just been hanging out since I have been home!
Peace& Love, Kari