Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I think its time for an update.....

Wow...Late Summer and Early Fall get super busy around here for us....I am pulling double coaching duty this year doing the Freshman team and being the assitant Varsity Coach.  My Freshman are doing well, 5-2 so far, losing to two good teams. They are a good group of girls.....Our house is on the market, actually both houses are on the market....just looking to find another fixer upper, I see us doing this for a long time! We love it and make a good profit from our hard work, I just hate the packing and moving part. But its worth it, enables me to be a stay at home momma!

Whats new with Quinn---Well hes 15 and 1/2 months old.......he is talking up a storm all the sudden. He is starting to repeat things we say...time to watch our mouths!  Words he says all the time

1. Ball-he can spot a ball from a mile away, he has ball on the brain, he does spend a lot of time at the gym or by a field...poor kid :)
2. Momma and Dada-  Its def. more dada now then momma, which hurts my feelings a bit :( LOL
3. Yes and NO....and yes he knows when to use which one...and when the dogs bark he runs to the gate and yells no at them...
4. Bye-Bye...he not only waves it now, he says it
5. Night-Night...when I say night-night, he repeats it and runs and finds his blanky!
6. Block- loves to build with blocks
7.papaw and mamaw
8. More...this is my favorite, he says more when he wants more food or drink, but it comes out bore!
9. Car- loves them both toys and the real thing
10. Book- still loves to read, but he only likes to read by himself, he will hardly let us read to him anymore, hopefully that changes!
11. Dog- who would of thought dog would be one of his first words...:)

We are working on body parts...he knows nose, belly button, and mouth! He also likes to color in a coloring book for a few mins and then he finds it a lot cooler to throw the crayons.

He also knows how to get down in a football stance and tackle and the sign for touchdown, the sad thing is neithier one of us even taught him that...its just on his brain!

He also loves Mickey Mouse.  He watches Mickey Mouse ClubHouse every morning and just laughs and laughs, he sleeps with his Mickey Stuffed animal every night and carries him around like a baby sometimes!

At his 15 month appt he was 75% height, 65% weight, and 99% head size! He weighs around 26-27 pounds.

2 years ago this week, I was in the 2 week wait after our IVF transfer, 2 years ago today I took an early home pregnancy test and it was negative, my hopes were shattered, I was sure our second IVF had not been successful.  I cried, and cried. Cecil said dont give up yet....our baby is going to come at the right time,  and 5 days later on Sept 26th 2009...I took a home pregnany test again (after 3 more negatives) and for the first time in the 5 years I had been doing home tests, the 2nd pink line showed up.....I was in shock and kneeled down on the toliet (gross I know but in the moment I didnt care) and Thanked God for never giving up on me, and for my husband never giving up on me, and Just thanked God over and over again for giving us our baby! I cant believe its been 2 years since that moment.  The past 2 years has been the best of my life, from finally experiencing a pregnany, ultrasounds, and little baby kicks, to the moment with just Cecil and I in the delivery room, when Quinn made his way into the world...and we held him for the first time! I never lost faith, even though I questioned why......for the rest of my life I will stay faithful in God, even when it seems like it would take a miracle for something to really happen......Miracles do happen to those who believe!