Monday, January 10, 2011

Month 6....& a little of month 7

Playing on the vent when heat is coming out!
Skyping with Aunt Kassidy! Month 7

Turned 7 months Dec 26th 2010

Showing his support for Jama Sharp! (Month 7)

His Fave part of Christmas...the boxes! Dec 25th 2010
Quinn and Mom. Christmas Eve 2010
Seeing Santa. Could of cared less. Month 6
Getting ready to go see Santa.
Playing Naked....he loves it. Month 6
Getting his first hair cut by Aunt Kassidy. Month 6
Happy Baby. 6 Months

One of his Fave Toys!

Melts me heart everytime. Month 6

His first Snow! Dec 2010

Help Putting up the Christmas Lights 6 Months

Eating his First Thanksgiving. 6 Months

Month 6. Dec 2010

Sitting up so good. 6 Months

Wow I am a terrible blogger...I will get better I promise....Quinn is now 7.5 months old...crazy! He had his first Thanksgiving and First Christmas. Both were a joy. He wasnt to into Christmas yet, he liked the paper and the lights and the boxes. He loves all the new toys he got....he loves all the different balls and cars! TOTAL boy. Lets see...he started sitting up at 4.5 months old and now does that like a champ. He started crawling at 6 months. (I got his first crawl on video) He is now pulling himself up on furniture and anything really. I dont think walking will be to far away. Which makes me a little sad, he is just growing up way to fast....

He is so fun right now...I love his personality. I spend every minute of everyday with him and I still cant get enough. He has his 2 bottom teeth, so he know has a toothy smile..which melts my heart. He got his first haircut by aunt Kassidy. His hair is during super light, so the underneath is light and the top is dark...7 months old and sporting low lites! He can now clap and wave, which I think is super cute.

He is a total mommas boy, which I love...shh dont tell Cecil. All is well when momma is around. We are working on talking...he can say momma, and dada...but its very hit and miss. He is very vocal...with his baby babbles...just talks and talks...he always growls, yes like a dog, and yes he started doing after he heard one of our dogs do it. He still loves his bulldogs. He laughs and smiles at them everyday. (from a distance)

He is doing great with foods. We have started a few table foods, but mostly baby foods. I am really picky about what he eats and his diet is 98% organic. He doesnt get sweets or anything with sugar or salt. If he keeps eating the way he is going right now he will be eating us out of the house soon!

He is in 9 month tops and onesies....and 12-18 month pants and jeans...yes my 7 month old is in 18 month stuff...he is gonna be long! He is hitting the 20 pound mark.

He loves music and books......I think he the smartest baby ever ;) but honestly it amazes me not even 8 months ago, he was a tiny newborn...and now all the stuff he can do. I will spend a lot of my day just watching his crawl, discover things, study things, and just do all kinds of new cool things. Oh and chasing him all over the house....

He is still super happy all the time. (Well except for those dang teeth)He smiles at every person that talks to him...but makes sure mom or dad is close by. He is skyping with his aunt Kassidy a few times a week, some days hes really into it and other days he rather just play with his toys. But he always smiles at her and he for sure knows who she is. Such a cool way for her to be able to watch him grow.

That is all for now, I promise I will get better at guy is crying...time to rock him to sleep.....