Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning 1......

Welp Quinn turned 1 on May 26th.  I am still in shock I think.  Where did a year go? I literally feel like it was 2 months ago we were coming home from the hospital, but then I look at pictures of him as a newborn and I feel like I cant remember when he was that little.  I have mixed emotions about him turning 1, I am so happy, but a little sad.  I dont know if I will get to experience all this "baby" stuff again so I try to soak it up as much as possible but man its just flying by.

On his actual birthday we just had a small cake and dinner, just the 3 of us. Cecil and I talked about how the day went the year before, and how ours lives changed in an instant at 3:12pm.  We talked about how we were awake for 48 hours straight because we were so worried something was going to happen if we closed our eyes.....we talked about how we had Hot Box pizza delievered to the hospital room both nights we were there and how it was proably the best thing we had ever eaten.....and how going into that day last year, we didnt know how to change a diaper, how to make a bottle, how to do a swaddle....and how you just get "it" when you need to.  We just did all those things because we had to, not because we knew what we were doing.

Im sure we have had made our fair share of mistakes, but this first year has been something I cant explain.  I have never felt so much love for 2 other people in my life.  Quinn has just been everything I knew I wanted, and a million times more.  Cecil is everything I knew he would be as a father, plus a million times more.  I sometimes wonder if I would have just given up, like some doctors told me I should....what a great gift and life I would be missing out on.  Anyone who reads this no matter what in life someone tells you isnt going to happen, can't happen, won't happen....fight, pray, love, and fight somemore....Dont give will happen. "Where there is great love, there are always Miracles"

I think in the year I have got this stay at home mom thing down pretty good, growing up I ddint ever see myself being a stay at home mom. But I love and cherish it so much.  I know its not for everyone, and I know everyone just cant do it, even if they want to.  I can never thank my husband enough for being such a hard worked and allowing me this time with Quinn.  We spend our days playing, taking walks, going to the pool, going to playdates, playgrounds, library time.....and just hanging out! It is the hardest, yet most rewarding job I have ever had.

Quinns Brithday party was a success.  He had a good time, thats what matters right?  We did a sock monkey theme and had it in our back yard, we put up a bounce house for the older kids that I didnt think Quinn would like at all, and of course when we put him in it, he LOVED it.  He kept wanting Aunt Kassidy to make it bounce more and more.  He loved his cupcake and wasnt really to into opening presents, he was way more concerned that their were other babies play with his toys in his room! (we are working on sharing!) He was cracking the whole party up because he would go into his room and just start yelling, and stomping his feet when he saw all his toys being played with.....Oh I really going to have that kid?  :) He loved all his presents as soon as we got them out of the boxes...he is very blessed and lucky with all the people in his life that love him.

Other then that.....hes just a character.....he RUNS now, like literally full force runs...hes trying to jump and starting to climb....everything in our house is attached to the walls now! He is saying momma, dada, dog, baby, oh yeah, Hi, I love you.....he will repeat a ton of what we say.....Mom and Dad are having to start watching our potty mouths....he gives high 5s, waves, and points, he can climb stairs on his own.  He watches about 10 mins of MIckey Mouse Club House every morning.  He absolutly loves being outside, getting dirty and muddy.  He is a true BOY in ever sense.  His favorite toys are any ball and blocks, he loves to stack them up and knock the over.  He still loves his food, and can clean an entire kids meal plate we were are out.

A letter to Quinn:


I hope one day you are reading through this blog and you know what a blessing you are to your dad and I. We love you even more then we thought possible.  You light up ours lives everyday when you stand up in your crib and start chattering away.  You bring such joy to us! This first year has flown by, but been such a blessing.  I cherish every day, minute, second with you and enjoy it so so much.  You have been the best baby we could ever ask for.  We love you so much! Mom and Dad 6/15/2011

Quinns 1 Year pictures, turned out amazing as usual, Suni Johnson captured his first year and I am forever greatful.