Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall is here.....

Man I cant believe Fall is here.....and next Month in Christmas! We have had a great fall. The weather has been good enough to play outside in the leaves, take our daily walks, and explore the back yard!  Quinn turned 17 months.....and the "terrible" twos have come early to this house, Im kidding he is not terrible by any means...but we are starting to deal with the tantrums, a few where he has thrown himself on the ground kicking.  I was that mom carrying my screaming, kicking kid out of the store last week at the Nike outlet.  Alls he wanted to do was throw every single box of baby jordans on the ground...and this mean mom wouldnt let him, so it was on! :)  He may be a spitting image of his dad, but he sures acts like me.  No patience at all.  He has started hitting sometimes when he is really mad, so we are starting time out, which he Hates but it works, for 5 mins until he forgets about getting in trouble!  But I love him the same...even carrying him screaming with people looking at me like get control of your kid!

He is still the sweetest boy most of the time.  He loves to hug and when you say give me a kiss, he leans into your lips, like "man I am really busy right now, but you can give me one if you want to" He still loves his cars, Loves hot wheels, and this mom cant complain when spending $1.07 on a hot wheel makes his day! 

He is talking up a storm, and repeating a ton of what we say.  He has started putting two words together.  Like "No way" "Football" No No Georgia.  One of our bulldogs is named Georgia and so he calls every dog Georgia!  And he says it the cutest way! He calls Mickey Mouse, Mouse, which is still his favorite show!  He says dada and papaw all the time, he calls me dada too, I try and tell him dada isnt really as cool as he thinks he is! LOL.  I am kidding but Quinn does think hes the coolest, everyday when he walks in from work , he just lights up and goes "OOOHHHH" and runs to him with his arms up!

He was a monkey this year for Halloween.  We went to a few neighbors house and then came home and handed out candy, he liked watching the kids in their costumes out the window more then anything! 

Other then that, not a lot going on, Volleyball is over for the year and my freshman did great, ended the season 8-3!  We are just enjoying each other and this little thing called life around here!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I think its time for an update.....

Wow...Late Summer and Early Fall get super busy around here for us....I am pulling double coaching duty this year doing the Freshman team and being the assitant Varsity Coach.  My Freshman are doing well, 5-2 so far, losing to two good teams. They are a good group of girls.....Our house is on the market, actually both houses are on the market....just looking to find another fixer upper, I see us doing this for a long time! We love it and make a good profit from our hard work, I just hate the packing and moving part. But its worth it, enables me to be a stay at home momma!

Whats new with Quinn---Well hes 15 and 1/2 months old.......he is talking up a storm all the sudden. He is starting to repeat things we say...time to watch our mouths!  Words he says all the time

1. Ball-he can spot a ball from a mile away, he has ball on the brain, he does spend a lot of time at the gym or by a field...poor kid :)
2. Momma and Dada-  Its def. more dada now then momma, which hurts my feelings a bit :( LOL
3. Yes and NO....and yes he knows when to use which one...and when the dogs bark he runs to the gate and yells no at them...
4. Bye-Bye...he not only waves it now, he says it
5. Night-Night...when I say night-night, he repeats it and runs and finds his blanky!
6. Block- loves to build with blocks
7.papaw and mamaw
8. More...this is my favorite, he says more when he wants more food or drink, but it comes out bore!
9. Car- loves them both toys and the real thing
10. Book- still loves to read, but he only likes to read by himself, he will hardly let us read to him anymore, hopefully that changes!
11. Dog- who would of thought dog would be one of his first words...:)

We are working on body parts...he knows nose, belly button, and mouth! He also likes to color in a coloring book for a few mins and then he finds it a lot cooler to throw the crayons.

He also knows how to get down in a football stance and tackle and the sign for touchdown, the sad thing is neithier one of us even taught him that...its just on his brain!

He also loves Mickey Mouse.  He watches Mickey Mouse ClubHouse every morning and just laughs and laughs, he sleeps with his Mickey Stuffed animal every night and carries him around like a baby sometimes!

At his 15 month appt he was 75% height, 65% weight, and 99% head size! He weighs around 26-27 pounds.

2 years ago this week, I was in the 2 week wait after our IVF transfer, 2 years ago today I took an early home pregnancy test and it was negative, my hopes were shattered, I was sure our second IVF had not been successful.  I cried, and cried. Cecil said dont give up yet....our baby is going to come at the right time,  and 5 days later on Sept 26th 2009...I took a home pregnany test again (after 3 more negatives) and for the first time in the 5 years I had been doing home tests, the 2nd pink line showed up.....I was in shock and kneeled down on the toliet (gross I know but in the moment I didnt care) and Thanked God for never giving up on me, and for my husband never giving up on me, and Just thanked God over and over again for giving us our baby! I cant believe its been 2 years since that moment.  The past 2 years has been the best of my life, from finally experiencing a pregnany, ultrasounds, and little baby kicks, to the moment with just Cecil and I in the delivery room, when Quinn made his way into the world...and we held him for the first time! I never lost faith, even though I questioned why......for the rest of my life I will stay faithful in God, even when it seems like it would take a miracle for something to really happen......Miracles do happen to those who believe!

Monday, July 25, 2011

First Vacation.......

So Quinn went on his firt trip at 13 months old. His Aunt Kassidy got married to his crazy uncle Brian.  So we headed down to Florida for a little over a week.  It was hot, but Quinn loved it. He did great on the flights and loved spending so much time with Aunt Kassidy.  The wedding was beatiful, on the beach as the sun was setting! Quinn was a ring bearer! He was so cute in his little beach outfit.  After the wedding we headed out to a small Island off of Florida.  He had a great time, swimming, playing in the sand, riding bikes, taking walks, eating great, new food.  Our first family vacation=success!

Quinn turns 14 months tomorrow.....He is a crazy, wild other way to put it.  Hes talking up a storm and will repeat random things Cecil and I say...along with his normal words....ball, dog, truck, mama, dada, yeah. He now dances all the time, every time there is music...even sometimes when there is not....he dances...its about the cutest thing I have ever seen!  His favorite book is Moo, Baa, La La La,  he will have us read it to him 10-20 times in a row, and he asks everyone that comes over to read it to him and when he sees it he goes "Baa" so cute!

He got his 4th haircut last week and hes turning so blond! Who knew I would have a blond kid.  He is getting such a personality...he has started seeing things in stores that he wants and he lets us know! He is pointing and waving and has got 9 teeth.  He is working on his molars right now, poor guy! 

Still loves to be outside! As long as he is outside, he is good!  I can finally say he is sleeping through the night! I honestly didnt know if I was ever going to get another good nights sleep, but all the sudden he just started going it!

He loves to stack toys and blocks...he loves to ride his 4 wheeler.  He is becoming quite the little dare devil, standing on his 4 wheeler, turning over things so he can stand on them, trying to climb things. 

Other then that we are just enjoying our summer.......He is the best little boy we could ever ask for, and amazes us everyday!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turning 1......

Welp Quinn turned 1 on May 26th.  I am still in shock I think.  Where did a year go? I literally feel like it was 2 months ago we were coming home from the hospital, but then I look at pictures of him as a newborn and I feel like I cant remember when he was that little.  I have mixed emotions about him turning 1, I am so happy, but a little sad.  I dont know if I will get to experience all this "baby" stuff again so I try to soak it up as much as possible but man its just flying by.

On his actual birthday we just had a small cake and dinner, just the 3 of us. Cecil and I talked about how the day went the year before, and how ours lives changed in an instant at 3:12pm.  We talked about how we were awake for 48 hours straight because we were so worried something was going to happen if we closed our eyes.....we talked about how we had Hot Box pizza delievered to the hospital room both nights we were there and how it was proably the best thing we had ever eaten.....and how going into that day last year, we didnt know how to change a diaper, how to make a bottle, how to do a swaddle....and how you just get "it" when you need to.  We just did all those things because we had to, not because we knew what we were doing.

Im sure we have had made our fair share of mistakes, but this first year has been something I cant explain.  I have never felt so much love for 2 other people in my life.  Quinn has just been everything I knew I wanted, and a million times more.  Cecil is everything I knew he would be as a father, plus a million times more.  I sometimes wonder if I would have just given up, like some doctors told me I should....what a great gift and life I would be missing out on.  Anyone who reads this no matter what in life someone tells you isnt going to happen, can't happen, won't happen....fight, pray, love, and fight somemore....Dont give will happen. "Where there is great love, there are always Miracles"

I think in the year I have got this stay at home mom thing down pretty good, growing up I ddint ever see myself being a stay at home mom. But I love and cherish it so much.  I know its not for everyone, and I know everyone just cant do it, even if they want to.  I can never thank my husband enough for being such a hard worked and allowing me this time with Quinn.  We spend our days playing, taking walks, going to the pool, going to playdates, playgrounds, library time.....and just hanging out! It is the hardest, yet most rewarding job I have ever had.

Quinns Brithday party was a success.  He had a good time, thats what matters right?  We did a sock monkey theme and had it in our back yard, we put up a bounce house for the older kids that I didnt think Quinn would like at all, and of course when we put him in it, he LOVED it.  He kept wanting Aunt Kassidy to make it bounce more and more.  He loved his cupcake and wasnt really to into opening presents, he was way more concerned that their were other babies play with his toys in his room! (we are working on sharing!) He was cracking the whole party up because he would go into his room and just start yelling, and stomping his feet when he saw all his toys being played with.....Oh I really going to have that kid?  :) He loved all his presents as soon as we got them out of the boxes...he is very blessed and lucky with all the people in his life that love him.

Other then that.....hes just a character.....he RUNS now, like literally full force runs...hes trying to jump and starting to climb....everything in our house is attached to the walls now! He is saying momma, dada, dog, baby, oh yeah, Hi, I love you.....he will repeat a ton of what we say.....Mom and Dad are having to start watching our potty mouths....he gives high 5s, waves, and points, he can climb stairs on his own.  He watches about 10 mins of MIckey Mouse Club House every morning.  He absolutly loves being outside, getting dirty and muddy.  He is a true BOY in ever sense.  His favorite toys are any ball and blocks, he loves to stack them up and knock the over.  He still loves his food, and can clean an entire kids meal plate we were are out.

A letter to Quinn:


I hope one day you are reading through this blog and you know what a blessing you are to your dad and I. We love you even more then we thought possible.  You light up ours lives everyday when you stand up in your crib and start chattering away.  You bring such joy to us! This first year has flown by, but been such a blessing.  I cherish every day, minute, second with you and enjoy it so so much.  You have been the best baby we could ever ask for.  We love you so much! Mom and Dad 6/15/2011

Quinns 1 Year pictures, turned out amazing as usual, Suni Johnson captured his first year and I am forever greatful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

T minus 15 days......

Until I have a 1 year old.....I tucked him in his crib a few hours ago and just looked at him for a few minutes....Thinking back to a year ago, I had no idea how my life was going to change...I mean a year ago I was 9 months pregnant and I knew having a baby would change me as person, change our household, change our marriage, change my world...I just had no idea how this little person could change everything about me.  My mission is to be his momma....I know this because it brings me complete joy every single day.....I struggled for many years because I  knew something was missing in my life....I had a great husband and a great marriage, a great house, great dogs....but I still didnt feel like I was complete...I am complete.....the past year of my life has been the best and I know it will just keep getting better...I am really struggling with the fact of doing IVF again and trying for another baby. I am I would say 92% sure we are done.  I always just pleaded with God, just please give me a baby to love...I got my baby...he is healthy, he is happy, I am happy...what more could I want.  And honestly the thought of needles, paperwork, doctors appts, medicines, 2 week waits....I just dont think I see myself doing it for the 3rd time.  I am having some health I know I have to make a choice sooner then later, it just makes me uneasy to make such a permanet choice....I dont feel prepared at 27 to make it....but I really didnt feel prepared at 21 sitting in a reproductive doctors office going through an IVF, but I did it and got through it, so I know I will get through this. I just hope I can make the right choice for me, for Cecil, for Quinn..for our family...I am going to do what I have done this entire journey...pray about it, ask God to lead me...

Back to my baby boy.....and I mean boy oh I mean boy....he is a total boy...loves dirt, bugs, playing outside, cars, motorcylces, blocks, legos......he throws everything, he thinks everything is a ball......throws everything out of the grocery cart, carseat, high chair, stoller......The kid does not know a stranger....he will talk to anyone....he loves people and loves kids.....he loves dogs.....he loves to sleep on his belly....he loves food...and not baby food...big boy food....everything we eat...he eats...he loves drinking out of a sippy cup...he thinks hes so big.....he loves, loves, loves this crochet blanket his great, great grandma made for him, he just lights up when he sees it, and he sleeps with it everynight...which is totally cool...

he gave up his paci on his own....has no desire for it what so ever......easy enough.....

he is "talking" non stop...mostly things I cant understand..but hes says...momma, dada, baby, no, yeah

hes working on his 7th he has a toothy smile and it melts my heart.....

We spend our days playing, going for walks, playing outside, reading...he is just a happy guy...all the time

Friday, April 15, 2011


Why am I such a horrible blogger...oh I know...I am chasing a wild man all day long. Quinn is literally non stop all day long....his one good nap during the day is when I just sit down for a second and breathe.....He stopped crawling oh about 2 months hes in a sprint everywhere.....He is all boy, loves cars and destroying things. He actually tried to eat his first dead bug the other day....thankfully I was there to yank it out of his mouth...I know its going to happen, and I know I cant stop them all from being swallowed...but it just grosses me out.

The weather is finally nice...when its nice, we are outside. Quinn LOVES to be outside, I mean loves it. At the park he just walks around screaming and clapping with excitement....he loves to follow the older kids around and hes not shy at all. He loves to just sit back in his stroller and walk the day away, I think he would literally sit in the stroller all day if I could walk that long.

The kid is into toys...blocks, legos, cars, balls...anything we bring home...he LOVES. He has started throwing a ball and bouncing it on the ground. He now gives you things if you ask for them...and yes he gives up his toys to mom or dad if they ask, but just for a second, he wants them back really quick!

He is getting 3 teeth in the top now, finally....he got his bottom 2 almost 4 months ago and its been nothing since, Im not complaining, I can't imagine what it feels like for teeth to come in....but now he has 3 on the top...with a cute small little gap between the 2 front teeth, and 2 on the hes a little off balance but its super cute!

He talking a lot, mostly things we cant understand but he cracks himself right up! There will be days he will say momma proably 250 times in a day...I love those days! He now knows I am momma, when he wants me he says it....its so great, melts my heart. He also says YEAH, hes starting to say bottle, momma, dada, and mamaw.....

He will be 11 months next week.....I can NOT, let me repeat, can NOT believe it was almost a year ago that he came into our lives and changed every single second of it. The past year has been the best year of my puts all my other 26 years to shame, nothing compares to being a mom to the most preious boy, and a wife to your best friend and one of the best dads around.....I now know why people fight so hard to have families, no matter how it comes about...we fought so hard and we didnt even know what we were fighting for....I knew it was going to be good, but I never could imagine this good, he brings so much joy to our lives. I know people say what a difference a year yeah...what a difference a year makes....

Well off to search the web for some perfect things for his 12 month photo shoot....