Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOW its about Time

(Pictures of the Guest House Before, I will Post After Pics tomorrow)

So we are in the new house...YEAH....well we are in the guest house for now until we get the main house done. But everything is here, including our puppies. They love the new yard. I am loving having high speed internet again. Everything is going as smoothly as possible with a remodel, we have hit a few bumps but nothing major.

In other news, V-ball season has started, well summer stuff anyways. Lots of girls this year, which is a good thing. Loving my job and I can walk to it now! Heading back to school for physical therapy in the fall, I swear one of these times I will figure out what I want to do!

IVF news, went and got most of my meds, 15 different ones to be exact! now just waiting on aunt flow, then I start the dreaded Lupron. We are ready and have faith it is going to work this time! But all the prayers can only help, so thank you in advance for that!

Will Update New pictures tomorrow!

Have a Great weekend!