Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall is here.....

Man I cant believe Fall is here.....and next Month in Christmas! We have had a great fall. The weather has been good enough to play outside in the leaves, take our daily walks, and explore the back yard!  Quinn turned 17 months.....and the "terrible" twos have come early to this house, Im kidding he is not terrible by any means...but we are starting to deal with the tantrums, a few where he has thrown himself on the ground kicking.  I was that mom carrying my screaming, kicking kid out of the store last week at the Nike outlet.  Alls he wanted to do was throw every single box of baby jordans on the ground...and this mean mom wouldnt let him, so it was on! :)  He may be a spitting image of his dad, but he sures acts like me.  No patience at all.  He has started hitting sometimes when he is really mad, so we are starting time out, which he Hates but it works, for 5 mins until he forgets about getting in trouble!  But I love him the same...even carrying him screaming with people looking at me like get control of your kid!

He is still the sweetest boy most of the time.  He loves to hug and when you say give me a kiss, he leans into your lips, like "man I am really busy right now, but you can give me one if you want to" He still loves his cars, Loves hot wheels, and this mom cant complain when spending $1.07 on a hot wheel makes his day! 

He is talking up a storm, and repeating a ton of what we say.  He has started putting two words together.  Like "No way" "Football" No No Georgia.  One of our bulldogs is named Georgia and so he calls every dog Georgia!  And he says it the cutest way! He calls Mickey Mouse, Mouse, which is still his favorite show!  He says dada and papaw all the time, he calls me dada too, I try and tell him dada isnt really as cool as he thinks he is! LOL.  I am kidding but Quinn does think hes the coolest, everyday when he walks in from work , he just lights up and goes "OOOHHHH" and runs to him with his arms up!

He was a monkey this year for Halloween.  We went to a few neighbors house and then came home and handed out candy, he liked watching the kids in their costumes out the window more then anything! 

Other then that, not a lot going on, Volleyball is over for the year and my freshman did great, ended the season 8-3!  We are just enjoying each other and this little thing called life around here!