Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update of Pictures

Hanging out with mom at home..Loves to be naked Aug 2010
In his "Worth the Wait" Shirt I had made for him..boy was he ever worth it

Hanging out again, what we do best! 2 Months old

Getting so Good at tummy time. Month 2 Aug 2010

His awesome Notre Dame Blanket a great family friend made for him

HIs first trip to Kentucky to mamaw and papaws! Aug 2010

Loves to hang out with his dad....month 2

Love the hair in this pic, never had any fall out, but its turning light underneath Sitting up like a big boy...... month 2

Tummy Time 2.5 months Aug 2010

Our Happy Boy!

Spending time with Dad after work! 2.5 months

3 months old 8/26/10

Quinn turned 3 months on August 26th

Wow...I am not a good blogger....

At the Apple Orchard 9/6/10
With Dad at the Zoo 9/5/10

Watching his first ND game, 9/4/10

Getting Ready to go watch Dad coach football 9/3/10

14 weeks old has been months since my last post, I am sorry...I wanted to do good at keeping up with the blogging.......but I spend every moment Quinn is awake with him and when hes asleep I do housework or things around the house......but I am going to get better about it......

Quinn is 15 weeks today....I cant believe it. He has changed so much....he is so strong and holding his head up so well.....he has rolled over 4 times now, found his hands and chews on them all the time, smiles a hundred times a day, laughs out loud....loves to snuggle and be rocked. He is sleeping from about 9-10 pm till about 5 am, which I will not complain about, he will take a bottle and then doze till about 7am.

He is a perfect baby! He has some fits at night, where he just screams...and Im the only one that can do anything with him and if all else fails we go for a little drive to get him calmed down, not sure what causes it but Im not a fan, because I cant do anything for him.....

He likes his swing to nap in and we just started the exersauser and he loves it. He still loves it outside and would sit out there all day. We took him to one of Cecils football games and he LOVED it.

My sister flew in from Flordia for Labor Day weekend and surprised us. We had a great weekend, Quinn first trip to the Zoo and Apple Orchard. He really liked the apple orchard.

He is becoming quite the momma boy, which I totally fine with :) We play and read and talk all day long. He LOVES TV, but I dont let him watch it...he wishes I did! He loves music and just hanging out.
He is weighing in at about 14.5 lbs and is eating constantly. He has a little bit of acid reflex but seems to be doing much better now.
He got to watch his first Notre Dame game with daddy this weekend, well I let him watch about 10 mins and then he just listened, but it was cute to see them bond and I know Cecil was excited to share his love of Notre Dame with him.