Monday, April 26, 2010

34 Weeks!

Well I am 34.5 weeks today! I cant believe he will be here in 5-6 weeks. (found out today she will not let me go past my due date because he is pretty large already) Went to the doctor today, everything seems great.....his heartrate was 140 and he was happily kicking her as she felt my belly. She is guessing him to be about 6-6.5 pounds right now. My contractions have slowed way down. Since I havent updated in awhile, we had a really nervous weekend 2 weekends ago, I ended up staying in L & D for the night. I was having some bleeding and conractions. I got woke up at one point in the middle of the night with her telling me my conractions were 3 mins apart, they got them slowed way down, and I have just been having them off and on since. I got the steroid shot for his lungs, just incase he decides to come early. I was also dilated at 1cm, but have stayed the same since. I was told today, labor will not be stopped from here on out. I am hoping to get a few more weeks out of him though and I think I will. I am up about 18 pounds and feel like I will gain 18 more in the next few weeks, I seriously cannot get unhungry...its bad. Cecil just laughs...I think I had about 6 full meals on Saturday.
We had our baby shower this past weekend. I say "we" because we had a coed shower and I am so glad we did, it was so much fun. My sister did an awesome job with it. I wanted more a celebration of our little miracle and to thank everyone who has supported us in our journey. It turned out better then expected, we had about 100 people come through and I couldnt believe the generosity (not sure if that is spelled right!) of people, we got everything we need for this guy and then some! Everything is washed and put away, and ready for him. Just have to get the car seat inspected and finish packing hospital bags......I cant believe I am at this point. I mean I have been pregnant since Sept 11th of last year, seems like it would have time to sink in, but its getting more and more unreal to me the closer we get, I think because I didnt know if I would ever be here, I didnt know if I would ever feel baby kicks in my belly, I didnt know if I would ever see our baby on an ultrasound, I didnt know if my husband would ever beable to rub my belly...I honestly can not Thank God enough because I have got to experience all of those things, he is making my dreams of being a Mom come true, I never doubted him but sometimes questioned his plan for me. Now I know, it was all in preperation for my little boy, this is my boy, this is the baby I was supposed to feel kick and to see on an ultrasound.......this is the little boy God promised me and told me was coming, I just had to be patience. The greater the fight, the greater the victory...that is our story in a sentence.....the fight sometimes was almost more then ethier of us could take.......but the victory has been more then I every thought possible. Thank You God for our miracle...he is our greatest victory!