Monday, January 9, 2012

First Post of 2012..... we are 2012...I cant believe it...I will be graduated from high school 10 years this  year...thats crazy!  Makes me feel old.....2011 was by far a great year, probably the best year of my life so far......Quinn took his first steps and celebrated his first birthday...I dont know what can get more special then those two things! Cecil and I celebrated 6 years married....which again...CRAZY! I enjoyed every minute staying home with Quinn this past year, we did all kinds of things, play dates, played at the park, walks, swimming, played outside...2011 brought our first family vacation and Quinns first trip to the beach, it was so much fun....I cant wait to take him every year.  My dad got married and my sister got we welcomed 5 more people into our family in 2011.  You can never have enough people in your life that love and support you!  We also sold our house this year, it was bittersweet...this is what we is our second income per say....but was a little tougher then most, I loved our house...we brough Quinn home to this house.....but I know we will find something we love just as much! 

The end of 2011 brought Quinns second Christmas.  He still doesnt understand but he was way more into unwrapping and being excited about things then he was last year, I know it will just get better and better every year with him.  If he is anything like his dad, he will love the Christmas season.  My sister and Brian were home for 2 weeks this year at Christmas, which was great....but Quinn and I were sick the second week they were here which is kindof a bummer!  But we are heading down to see them in a few weeks...and I much rather hang out with them in the sunny warm weather then here!  Quinn was spoiled at Christmas, the gifts just kept coming!  When he gets a little older, I want to make sure we are explaining to him that Christmas is not all about the gifts and what people buy you...I hope I can come up with some ways for us as a family to do things for the needy during Christmas, so Quinn can see the true meaning. But for now...he enjoyed ripping paper and getting new things.  His favorite gifts were his real basketball, his train table, hi mickey mouse pillow pet and his huge hot wheels track!  Love spending time with all of our families at Christmas, it always comes and goes so quick.

Quinn turned 19 months the day after Christmas.  He is the funniest kid ever.  He proably shoots at least an hour a day on his basketball goal....he gives me the remote and says Ball and wants me to turn on a ball game.  This kid is obsessed with balls,, basketball, football, tennis...hes not picky! And I know everyone thinks since Cecil and I are into sports that we shove it in Quinns face all the time, but we really dont at all.....its just who he is, its just in his bood I guess.  We follow his lead with what  he wants to do, and what he wants to play with...and it will always be that way...if he rather sing in the choir then be on the sports court.....I will be just as happy, as long as he is doing what makes him happy. ( Even though I have no idea where he will get his singing voice from!)

He is saying so many words, a lot we understand...a lot we dont, and a lot we dont and he thinks we should be understanding
Quinns words at 19 months...ball, Bubba (our bulldog), Georgia (our dog), Big Boy ( our big american bull dog)  Dog, Car, Tractor, Yum, Milk, Cracker, Bye Bye, Papaw, Mamaw, Dad, Mom (even though he calls me Dad too!) Mine (Thanks Aunt Kassidy) More, Bath ( the kid LOVES a bath, he asks for one about 5 times a day) No, Yes., Night-Night.....I know there are more I just cant think, he understands almost everything we say or ask him to do, put your crayons away and he does, go get your books and he does....

Besides playing ball he loves to color in coloring books, that is his thing right now..We are going to spend a fortune in coloring books because he scribbles on a page and then hes done with it and goes on to the next!  Silly!  He also loves MICKEY MOUSE, he asks for it to be on the TV...he can spot anything Mickey Mouse from a mile away. 

We have been going to open gym every week, and he loves it! He runs and jumps, and walks on balance beems, and plays in the bounce house and jumps in the foam pit and on the trampoline.  He has a blast.  We are started swim lessons again this month and he will love that too, anything active he loves!  Total boy! 

We had our first of probably may trips to the Childrens Museum this past weekend.  He did really well, we were there almost 3 hours, he loved the playscape and pretty much everything there was to do.  He loved the big train, I see many more trips in our future there.

We actually have been playing outside a little bit because the weather has been so nice, he loves it...he wouldnt care if it were freezing out...he just loves to  be outside, we cant wait for the weather to break again and be able to be outside all the time!

One of my New Years Resolutions in to blog once a month at least, with pictures from the month and what we did that month and what Quinn is doing new.....I am usually good about keeping resolutions so hopefully I will keep this one.....