Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well its been a few weeks since I have posted. We have been insanely busy. We are finally in the new house! Its not 100% done but close, I will post pics very soon. We are so happy to finally be in here. It was so worth all the time and sweat that we put into this place. Our Christmas was great, a little crazy this year with the moving and all, but still great. My sister was in town for a week and Cecil and I went to KY to visit the inlaws, mostly just hung out with family.

In Pregnancy news, I am 17.5 weeks and doing pretty well. I am still on my zofran pump, but they have lower my dose of medicine which is a good thing. I hope to be off this thing very soon. I am no longer getting sick, and have actually gained my first pound. I go to the doctor every 2 weeks, because of my weight lose and being on the pump, so every 2 weeks I get to hear the wonderful heart beat of the baby, the rate started in the 160's, then 150's, now this week it was in the 140's, which my doctor said is perfect! I have also started to feel the flutters, I LOVE IT! This baby is very active and there are days when I feel them all day, and other days when I think they are just taking it easy! I cant wait for Cecil to beable to feel, hes kindof jealous right now! :) We scheduled our BIG ultrasound, where we hopefully will find out the sex of the baby. It is Jan 21st, seems like a million years away! But we are excited. After that I will start on the nursery and actually buying some things, as I have not bought one things yet. It seems like 5 months is forever away, but I know it may fly by and I need to get moving on some things.

Thank you all for the prayers! We wouldnt be here without the support of everyone, and I cant thank you enough!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 14

Well I am 14.5 weeks.....and am doing much better. I have not thrown up in 1 week. I got put on a Zofran pump, I wear it 24 hours a day with a line going in my leg. I am actually eating a little now and drinking without throwing up. I can get out of bed now, I still have some moments where I dont feel well but I am so much better. I have not gained a pound yet, still down about 10 pounds. I go to the doctor every 2 weeks to keep an eye on my weight. So every 2 weeks I hear the little heart beating away, I love it everytime. I am hoping at next weeks appt I will have gained some weight. I am offically sporting a baby belly, I just popped one day and now I actually look a little pregnant, I love that too! We get to find out the sex in about 3.5 weeks, I am so excited I cannot wait. I have no feeling one way or another....everyonce in awhile I will feel its a girl but then the next day I have no feeling what so ever. We have our names picked out for ethier sex, which I will tell when we find out the sex. I am hoping within the next few weeks I will start feeling the little flutters of the baby. That will be an amazing moment!

In other news, our house is almost done, well done enough to move in, there will still be odds and ends to do once we get in. But we have started moving things in . YEAH! I will post pics soon. I can not wait to get all of our stuff out of boxes and have a home again. Its going to be so nice. I think we will spend the night in there this weekend or early next week.

Other then that, I dont really do much. I am not working since I have been so sick, and now there is no point in starting again for 5.5 months till the baby is I am just hanging out, taking it easy.