Friday, March 11, 2011

Growling, Clapping, & Walking..OH MY

Giving Aunt Kassidy Kisses March 6th 2011

9 months Feb 26th 2011
Look at the lip!
Walking! Feb 2011

In the pool! Feb 2011
Ready for swim class..9 months!

Well Quinn is into his 9th month.....he is such a funny kid. I cant get over how much personality he has already. Lets see...his main thing right now is growling...yes growling...he literally growls at everything....I say his name...growl....I ask him if hes ready for bed...growl...I ask him what he wants to is so funny...not really sure where he picked that up from but its something I will always remember him doing.

Clapping....along with growling this is favorite thing to do......When he first started walking and was falling a lot I would clap and tell him good job when he fell, because I did not want him to get discouraged from falling so much, so now everytime he falls he claps! Such a good boy! When we are in the car I hear him from the back seat just clapping away.

Lets see...clapping, growling....oh and shaking his head no....really hard and really fast, sometimes he even does it so hard he shakes himself right over. And the funny thing is he does it right on point....I try to talk to him like I would an adult..asking and telling him everything we are I will say "Quinn, are you ready for a diaper change?" And I ethier get a growl or a head shake no. What a charater!

Oh yes, and his new thing is giving high fives..if you ask if for a high 5, you are for sure getting one, hes just cracks himself up doing that!

Baby Proofing, that is what we have spent the past few weeks doing....because we offically have a walker, no help needed, no more crawling going on anymore in this house.......if he sees something he really, really wants and he really wants it fast, he will drop down and crawl...but other then that its all 2 legs around here ( well except the dogs) Hes falling less and less everyday, never in a million years did I think I would have a 9 month old walking around my house like its no big deal...its so funny to see him walk (and yes I have taken tons of video of it) but hes just a small little guy totting around...oh with his arms up in the air for balance like a little baby monkey! His first offical steps were 8 months 3 days. Offically walking without help 9 months 1 day. Im in trouble because hes already showing sign of being on the go all the time at a fast pace like his dad.

We have been attending a few different and reading class at the library and swimming class and the indoor pool. Hes such an independent baby, like I feel like he looks at me like Mom can you get out of my play room Im busy. He could literally play in his play room by himself for hours. But at library class, he doesnt want to sit with mom, ya know cause thats so uncool for a 9 month old...he rather go around and talk to other I am left sitting there singing songs and blowing bubbles to myself.......but hes not as tough as he seems, if I leave the room he lets me know that is no what he wanted......which I love, Im not ready for him to be Mr. Independent yet. My mom said I was the same way, very independent, not a cuddler. Swimming class on the other hand, hes a wild man.....LOVES the water......he splashes and kicks...the older kids in the class are to get out of the pool on the ledge and get back in with their parents, well I put Quinn on the ledge and he just falls right in the water and have to be on your toes around this one! And I think thats where I will stay for awhile, on my toes......

His Aunt Kassidy was here over the weekend and he got his second hair cut! I after to do more with his hair after a bath then my own.....and its growing in so light compared to his dark hair when he was born, so now I have a high-lighted hair kid..I always wonder how many people that see him out are like I really hope his mom didnt color his hair, because yes I have been asked over and over again if I color it..."ARE YOU KIDDING" Cecil and I laugh everytime....because we know...there are baby pictures of Cecil at home, with the same high lighted hair.

His sleeping is getting better..hes a belly sleeper now...hes still up 1 or 2 times a night, we are working on it. He is the combo of both Cecil and I, a night owl like me and an early riser like Dad, not really a great combo. But we will get there.

Right now he has his first ear infection, poor guy...the only good thing about him being sick is he wants me to hold and cuddle him all the time....but other then that I feel so bad for him. Hes starting to get better today.

He is actually 22 lbs and almost 29 inches long, 75% in both. We have moved to the big boy carseat and he loves it because he can see out the window. He loves to watch outside, well actually be outside, we cant wait for the weather to break. Cecil and I are making our backyard all about Quinn, thats our spring he can be outside all the time. He also loves to watch cars, trucks, anything on wheels really....he is for sure a typical boy!

Other then that everything else is going smoothly in the Kenworthy house, just trying to finish up the house inside, and then we are moving to the outside for some projects this spring. Ive started to plan Quinns 1st Birthday, and no I cant believe those words are coming out of my mouth already, werent we just leaving the hositpal with him like 2 weeks ago...because thats what it feels like. I have enjoyed every second with him, yes even the crying and screaming. He has changed out life in everyway possible....He just makes everyday better then the last.....he is the sunshine of our lives, and he is so lucky to have a Dad that cant get enough of him....

Until next time