Thursday, July 26, 2012

How does so much time get away from me....

I have to tell you, I invisoned having a lot more time as a stay at home mom.....I thought I would do all this stuff and be betty crocker.....let me tell you, know over 2 years later it has finally hit me....I have no time.....Dont get me wrong I love it and wouldnt change a minute, but all these thoughts of home cooked meals with candles are not happening around here.  I can't even find time to blog.  With Cecil working full time and in school full time...and me in school par time...its bound to get a little sketchy at some points.  Cecil is almost done, I am so proud of him.  He comes home from wokr, helps around the house and with Quinn and then does homework late into every night. Most people would have said forget it by now, but after putting off school to go through IVF treatments and flip houses, he is determined to finish and hes so close!  But its busy, I am gone 2 nights a week to finish training to get my massage therapy license.  We are moving again...and no its still not permanent!  We are going to start house hunting when we are both  done with school, so proably sometime in 2013.  If we buy a major fixer again, we cant add that into our school and life schedule.  So thanks to my awesome dad and step mom, they just bought a beautiful peice of property on the North side of Bloomington that has a second home on it....we are going to be staying with them until we find our forever (okay forever to us is like 5 years, but you know what I mean) home.  We are so lucky to beable to do that thanks to them, take our time and find something perfect for us. 

In other news...Quinn turned 2.  He is the most precious kid every.  I mean do not get me wrong, he has his moments.  And everyone keeps telling me 3 is harder then 2, somedays I think there is no way!  But he melts my heart.  He is shy, kind hearted, loves animals, loves outside,. He has just such a free spirt when hes outside, he just puts his head up and runs and just laughs.  I love it, I could watch him learn and explore outside all day.  Now if the heat would back off a bit, the poor kid could go out more.  He just loves dirt and trees and sticks. 

He is so caring and polite.  He is very good about using his please and thank yous (sometimes with reminders.) He worries if something is wrong, or where someone went or if he lost a toy, you can tell the worry in his voice. 

He is a talking machine...I mean I am having full conversations with this kid. How did that happen?  How in just two years does a kid go from a newborn that just sleeps to a 2 year old with a vocabulary and imagination. Kids are amazing little things.  His memory is insane, and Im not just saying that because hes mine.  He literally remembers everything, like yesterday I had to go into the bank, which I never do.  The last time we were at the bank, proably 4 months ago, my dad and step mom were there, so yesterday Quinn asked when we went into the bank, Papaw and nana here?? I mean how does he remember that.  Cecil and I just look at each other sometimes when he sprouts off stuff there is no way he should remember.

This fall we are really going to start  with letters and sounds, he knows some of them but not all of them..  He can draw a circle. he knows all of the shapes, even Oval and rectangle (Mickey Mouse clubhouse taught him oval) He knows all the colors.  He can sit and play memory with Cecil and I.  He can count to 12 by himself.  He reconizes numbers on price tags, or gas station signs. 

He really loves movies, which I try to limit.  His favorites right now are Toy Story and Cars.  He will even ask to watch Cars 1 or Cars 2.  He makes me smile.

This summer has been a busy one for us, we have done programs at the park, swimming lessons, gymnastics, open gyms, story times, playdates.  We also went to Florida for a little over a week In July.  Quinn had a hard time being away from home, and he thought Cecil and I were going to leave him at the beach house.  But he started coming around and loved the pool, spent hours in it.  He loved the Beach.  He loved aunt Kassidys dogs, Roxy and Baxter.  He loved the fireworks on the beach.  He loved taking bike rides with papaw and nana. 

I love the little person he is and the little person he is becoming so much, he amazes me everyday.  I just love being his mom!  I hope one day he reads this blog and knows that I wasnt perfect and there werent always homemade meals with candles but I try really hard, and I tell him everyday multiple times how special he is to me and how much I love him....I want him to remember that...I am relizing more and more everyday its not the toys he has or the number of designer tennis shoes (even though they are to funny to almost not buy) but its the times the three of us sit on his rug and read, or when the three of us run around in the yard.....God could not have blesses with better boy in my life!

Next up in the Kenworthy house hold...potty training!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I guess its May

Is it really May?  Am I really planning Quinns 2nd birthday for later this month?  Its so true what everone tells you, once you have kids...time flys by...I guess its because "Time flys when you are having fun."  Which is what we are doing...having lots of fun....the weather has been nice and Quinn is loving it.  He loves to be outside exploring, digging, playing ball.  He loves his water table right now, and he calls it a 'pool.' He loves "blides" which are slides at the park.  He still love bubbles, loves to chase them, loves to blow them himself.  He loves to throw rocks and sticks, expecially at papaws because he can throw them into the lake. 

He loves to help mom and dad. Anything we ask him for help with he does willingly.  He helps us carry stuff, put his toys away, clean...haha he loves to "sweeep" and dust, and do, well sorta do laundry.  Wonder how long that will last.....

He loves the games I download on the "pad pad"  (ipad).  It really does teach him so much.  He really loves this preschool monkey app.  He put puzzles together, plays match, counts, and recongizes shapes.  I started this past week, doing a little structured pre-pre K stuff with him.  This weeks letter was A, and he can say A and find A's anywhere now.  We read airplane books and made an airplane out of clothes pins, we read an apple pie book and painted with apples.  He is also learning colors, and numbers, and sorting.  I am not going to push him, when he feels like working on stuff (which he usually does) we will.  I am not going to be a mom that wants my kid to know the ABC's before other kids his age.  The only reason why I even talk about what he knows and does on my blog is so I can look back and remember at what age he was doing what, or what we were doing at this time.  I want learning to be fun, and I want him to do it at his pace. 

His vocab is expanding so much.  He amazes me with new words every day.  He is getting really good with names of people, its so cute how some of them come out. 
Cecil= seesail
Katie= kaie
Annie= anie
ally=ally (says it pretty good)
Kass= kasn

I would say he uses over 100 per words now, maybe closer to 150. 

He has started calling people, mostly papaw and Aunt Kasn (Kassidy) and he will get real shy but he will talk a little bit.

Loves to color and maint (paint).  Loves to run. And he says "Illgetyou" and that means we chase him.  We still go to gymnastics on Thursdays, which he loves. 

He is just such a happy guy, and so good.  We never have to use time out or really much of anything with him.  He says "pease" (please) and "tank you" (thank you) all the time.  I cant believe its been almost 2 years, and then on the other hand I cant remember life before him.  He is so fun, and I look forward to spending my days with him.......I hope hes enjoying it as much as I am.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring is here!!!

Spring is finally here.....the weather has been beautiful...and that means we have a baby boy saying "oside" "oside" (outside) or "blide" (slide) or bubbles or shoot (shooting baskets outside).  He loves to be outside.  He also loves to "ig" or dig in his sand box.  Right now one of his favorite things is to chase bubbles outside.  He will say dadda bubbles pease (please).....I mean how cute is that.  He is talking up a storm, Im sure hes close to 100 words he says by now.  New words everyday.  Its so fun to watch him learn and the words he comes up with for certain things.  You can understand him pretty well, but sometimes people will defer back to me and say "what is he saying"  He loves to blow kisses and wink and give high fives.  Right now he is into blocks and cars.  He loves the movie cars, and of course still Mickey Mouse.  He can name all the characters on Mickey Mouse, so funny!  He only gets limited TV per day and he always chooses "mouse" or "cars."  He has been facetiming with Aunt Kassidy and now can spot her in a picture and says Kass! Another cute thing he does..he runs away saying " Ill get you" and that means he wants us to chase him, and he just cracks up the whole time he is running away from us!

Other then that we are doing the same ol thing.  Playing and just enjoying being a family of 3.  We have sold another house, so for now we are moving into a rental for awhile, to see where we want to end up.  We are ready to settle down and not always have a house for sale or always doing work to a house.  We just arent sure if its Mooresville or even Indiana we want to settle down in.  Kindof depends where Cecils jobs takes us.  But we are open to a new adventure!

Easter was yesterday and Quinn had a great time.  He got into hunting for Easter Eggs, and was sad when there wasnt anymore to find, but he kept looking intil I distracted him with the treats that were in the egg.  Now Quinn doesnt get many treats, his treats or candy are fruit snacks or fig newton cookies.  I am very particular about what he eats and drinks.  So him getting candy and juice yesterday, he was into it for a min, but then like okay Ill go play.  I thought his first real experience with a piece of chocolate would be a big deal, but he could of cared less really!  Give him berries or veggies anyday, he will almost pick them over anything else.

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Health......

I have had a few emails lately with questions about my health or why it seems like something is always going on with me...haha because there is always something going on with me.  SO I figured I would write on my blog about it and maybe see if there is anyone out there going through something similar.  Almost 10 years ago, the first summer I was out of high school, I got very sick and ran through so many tests, saw so many doctors and got tested for everything under the sun...the results from all the testing is that I have an connective tissue disease.....which affects a lot of me and in a lot of ways.  Going back to my sophmore year in high school I got mono super bad, missed like two months of school I think, just a bad illiness.  It hit me hard. Well I guess I was so sick for so long that it somehow kind of "turned off" my pain sensors.  So I am in some type of pain now 100% of the time.  My joints also will swell up, mainly knee and fingers.  It effects my skin, if you see me out and I have red patches mainly on my hands, chest, and cheeks...then you will know my body is in a flare up.  At one point I was on about 8 medicines a day and I just told myself I dont want to have taken medicine every day for my feet to just hit the floor in the morning.  So I slowly stopped taking everything except Lexapro.  I take a small dose of that daily to help because my body doesnt produce a lot of sertoin, which basically keeps a person happy!  Basically, everything I have had realtes back to this diease, my infertility, ovarina cyts, endometrosis, my fatigue, my gallbladder, my back anxiety.  Pretty much to sum it all up, things just effect me harder and longer then it if someone has a virus and I get it, it will just hit me worse and for longer.  I have a lot of issues with inflammation and scar tissue..hints the gallballder right now is inflammed so we are just taking it one less thing to can be inflammed on my body. 

When I was first told what was going on, and why I felt so bad all the time, and that there was nothing that would ever make it go away or stop my body from reacting the way it does.  I was upset, I was depressed.  It hindered me from a lot of things I wanted to do. I wanted to play volleyball in college and I couldnt, and so on and so on.  But once I grew up a little bit, I thought I can ethier sit around and feel sorry for myself, or I can be greatful I dont have something terminal.  There are so many more people fighting greater fights then I even think about.  So I changed my life style.  I started doing low impact exercise.  Like yoga is my favorite.  I am just not getting to the point where I can run for a little bit at a time, without being all swollen the next day.  I changed the way I ate, I try to eat as healthy as I can. I dont eat red meat, I dont drink a lick of soda, I limit my sugar, and I really, really limit processed foods.  I take natural supplements such as Vitamin D and fish oil.  I see a chiropractor and a massage therapist.  And honestly I have never felt better.  I have great doctors that take care of me and support me not wanting to do the whole medicine route.  I am so thankful that I have learned how to listen to my body and know when its had enough before I sent it into a major flare up.

I still do have my days...there are days when I struggle to even get out of bed. There are days when Quinn and I camp out all day and nap and watch Mouse.  When I hurt so bad that its all I can do.  It makes me feel horrible as a mother.  I just have to tell myself I am just taking care of myself the best I can, so I can be the best mother I can.  And those days are becoming less and less, which I am so greatful for.  I am so lucky to have a family that supports me and helps me when needed.  I am so greatful to have a husband that knows what I go through and when he comes homes somedays on my bad days and nothing has been touched all day.  I dont get any slack about it, he just will start in on the stuff that needs done and then he will go pick up dinner.  Hes amazing and I would struggle without him in my life. 

I would love to return to school and do something medical, but I know deep down that I could never handle the 12 hour shifts or the schedules of the medical world.  So that gets me upset sometimes, I dont ever want to think I cant do something, but the reality is that there are some things my body just cant do.  So thats why in the past 10 years I tried working full time  once, and my body just shut down, and I proably never will be able to work full time in my life.  But I think I have found my calling and the perfect balance for me.  I am currently in school, at a great little school in Bloomington to get my state certification in massage therapy. I want to help people like myself.  And with the job, I can still contribute to my family, yet I can set a schedule that will work with my and my body. I am exctied about it, its holistic and very rewarding. 

I am in no way doing this post to have people feel sorry for me, noone should, I have a great life.  I have a great husband and son and family.  I just wanted to explain my situation so people understand why there is yes always something going on with me it seems.  And asking for prayers, I really need to decide (or we need to decide) if we want to try for another baby.  My health really, really affects that choice.  My doctor sat me down and looked straight in my eyes and said I know you dont want to hear this but in my opinion, I think you would have a lot of trouble keeping up with another baby.  And I know shes right........its just so hard, I LOVE being a mom, its the greatest blessing in my life.....but I want to be the best mom I can, and maybe being a mom to just Quinn, is the best way for me to be the best mom I can.  The sheer thought of IVFs, and needles, and ultrasounds, and bloodworks, and egg retreivals, embryos transers and 2 weekwaits...I just cant wrap my mind around it.  Its so hard on my body and I have done it twice and I know I would be pushing it doing it again.  And I would feel so much better ( or so I have been told) once I have a hysterectomy.  Its just final.  I know God will lead me in the right direction, I am just not 100% percent in which path I should be taking.  So just pray that God leads me to the right path and I can be at peace with it.

Thank you all for was very theraputic and something really only my family has known about for the past 10 years.....

Thursday, February 2, 2012

20 months....

Well Quinn turned 20 months...thats 4 months from having a 2 year old.....Hes so independent now.  Makes me a little sad, but so happy for the wonderful toddler he is becoming.  We went to the park this week, (Yes in January, I love it) and he is so different then he was when we were going to the park in the fall.  He would stay by my side and I had to go down the slides with him, now he climbs all the way up the equipment by himself and goes down the slides head first!  And Im running around trying to make sure he stays in me sight basically I am sweating more then he is after an hour of playing at the park.  He answers yes and no to questions now, he knows what he wants to eat and for a snack,  it is crazy that I am communicating with this little person who just a year ago was learning how to walk.  He is the politest little kid, he gets that from his dad.  If another kid has something he wants, he will never just take it out of their hands, he always waits his turn for things...we are working on please and thank you!  It just amazes me how much he is growing and changing right now.  It is something new everyday.

New words in the past couple weeks...
range- means he wants an orange (tangerine)
coo-coo- Train
baby- finally he never wanted to say this before and now all the sudden everytime he sees a baby he says it
Bella- his playdate friend
I- is anything he can write with
basketball (so cute how he says it)
Mouse- this is an old one, but this is what he calls Mickey Mouse
Duck-he knows donald duck
Toes, mouth( he knows all of his body parts, now he is starting to say a few of them)

In January we did a lot of activities...we go to open gyms every week, where he runs and jumps, and plays.  We have been to the Childrens musuem a few times.  We go to library time every week, for books, bubbles, and songs.   We had a few playdates.  We played in the snow and we are going to swim lessons every Saturday morning so Dad gets to go!  We even got to play outside a few days with the weather being so nice.

We are working on colors, he has blue down...I am so proud of him.....I couldnt have a sweeter baby boy..I always say to him, Can Momma hold you? And he says Yes...and comes running for me to hold him......I love it......dont get me wrong he has his terrrible two moments......and when I ask him if he needs a time out he always says those are obiously doing a lot of good! 

Febuary looks to be just as great a January...we will going to Florida next week to visit Aunt Kassidy and Uncle Brian.....Cecil has a birthday...we are going to make a trip to see mamaw and papaw in Kentucky.....

Monday, January 9, 2012

First Post of 2012..... we are 2012...I cant believe it...I will be graduated from high school 10 years this  year...thats crazy!  Makes me feel old.....2011 was by far a great year, probably the best year of my life so far......Quinn took his first steps and celebrated his first birthday...I dont know what can get more special then those two things! Cecil and I celebrated 6 years married....which again...CRAZY! I enjoyed every minute staying home with Quinn this past year, we did all kinds of things, play dates, played at the park, walks, swimming, played outside...2011 brought our first family vacation and Quinns first trip to the beach, it was so much fun....I cant wait to take him every year.  My dad got married and my sister got we welcomed 5 more people into our family in 2011.  You can never have enough people in your life that love and support you!  We also sold our house this year, it was bittersweet...this is what we is our second income per say....but was a little tougher then most, I loved our house...we brough Quinn home to this house.....but I know we will find something we love just as much! 

The end of 2011 brought Quinns second Christmas.  He still doesnt understand but he was way more into unwrapping and being excited about things then he was last year, I know it will just get better and better every year with him.  If he is anything like his dad, he will love the Christmas season.  My sister and Brian were home for 2 weeks this year at Christmas, which was great....but Quinn and I were sick the second week they were here which is kindof a bummer!  But we are heading down to see them in a few weeks...and I much rather hang out with them in the sunny warm weather then here!  Quinn was spoiled at Christmas, the gifts just kept coming!  When he gets a little older, I want to make sure we are explaining to him that Christmas is not all about the gifts and what people buy you...I hope I can come up with some ways for us as a family to do things for the needy during Christmas, so Quinn can see the true meaning. But for now...he enjoyed ripping paper and getting new things.  His favorite gifts were his real basketball, his train table, hi mickey mouse pillow pet and his huge hot wheels track!  Love spending time with all of our families at Christmas, it always comes and goes so quick.

Quinn turned 19 months the day after Christmas.  He is the funniest kid ever.  He proably shoots at least an hour a day on his basketball goal....he gives me the remote and says Ball and wants me to turn on a ball game.  This kid is obsessed with balls,, basketball, football, tennis...hes not picky! And I know everyone thinks since Cecil and I are into sports that we shove it in Quinns face all the time, but we really dont at all.....its just who he is, its just in his bood I guess.  We follow his lead with what  he wants to do, and what he wants to play with...and it will always be that way...if he rather sing in the choir then be on the sports court.....I will be just as happy, as long as he is doing what makes him happy. ( Even though I have no idea where he will get his singing voice from!)

He is saying so many words, a lot we understand...a lot we dont, and a lot we dont and he thinks we should be understanding
Quinns words at 19 months...ball, Bubba (our bulldog), Georgia (our dog), Big Boy ( our big american bull dog)  Dog, Car, Tractor, Yum, Milk, Cracker, Bye Bye, Papaw, Mamaw, Dad, Mom (even though he calls me Dad too!) Mine (Thanks Aunt Kassidy) More, Bath ( the kid LOVES a bath, he asks for one about 5 times a day) No, Yes., Night-Night.....I know there are more I just cant think, he understands almost everything we say or ask him to do, put your crayons away and he does, go get your books and he does....

Besides playing ball he loves to color in coloring books, that is his thing right now..We are going to spend a fortune in coloring books because he scribbles on a page and then hes done with it and goes on to the next!  Silly!  He also loves MICKEY MOUSE, he asks for it to be on the TV...he can spot anything Mickey Mouse from a mile away. 

We have been going to open gym every week, and he loves it! He runs and jumps, and walks on balance beems, and plays in the bounce house and jumps in the foam pit and on the trampoline.  He has a blast.  We are started swim lessons again this month and he will love that too, anything active he loves!  Total boy! 

We had our first of probably may trips to the Childrens Museum this past weekend.  He did really well, we were there almost 3 hours, he loved the playscape and pretty much everything there was to do.  He loved the big train, I see many more trips in our future there.

We actually have been playing outside a little bit because the weather has been so nice, he loves it...he wouldnt care if it were freezing out...he just loves to  be outside, we cant wait for the weather to break again and be able to be outside all the time!

One of my New Years Resolutions in to blog once a month at least, with pictures from the month and what we did that month and what Quinn is doing new.....I am usually good about keeping resolutions so hopefully I will keep this one.....