Monday, November 1, 2010

more pics.....Fall 2010

Oct 2010.....

so..Im lucky to get one post a here it is.......Quinn turned 5 months on Oct 26 2010! I cant believe it....he is such a good baby. He has been sitting up on his own for 2 weeks now, hes great at it, hardly ever falls over now. Hes right around 17 pounds. He has 2 bottom teeth coming in that is giving him fits...but other then that hes always happy and smiling.

His noises and babbling are crazy now, hes always makeing some kind of noise. He figured out he can scream really high pitched and loud, and he LOVES to do it. He will just talk and talk. He also belly laughs all the time. He laughs more at our dogs then anything, he LOVEs our dogs. Its pretty cute.

Yesterday was his first Halloween, he went as a pea pod, so Cute! Im sure one day he will look back on pictures and ask me why I would do that to him...but I thought it was so cute. We went trick or treating with friends and their kids, Quinn slept in the stroller the entire time. We took him to the zoo boo a couple weekends ago, it was great until a major downpour hit us and Cecil and I were sprinting through the zoo in a storm with the stroller, we opened the stroller when we got in a building and he was dry and smiling...Cecil and I were SOAKED! Good time though...

Still going strong on the homemade baby food, he loves fruits, still working on the veggies! He loves to play with toys and listen to music. His little personality is so funny. He will let you know when he is mad, but hes usually pretty happy. He always smiles at strangers and lets them hold him....for a second anyways and then hes looking for mom or dad.

He is literally so fun, I get excited to hang out with him everyday! He is changing so much minute by minute it seems like. The love I have for him is more then I even thought possible. Sometimes I think back to my embryo transfer laying on the table watching the doctor float "1 perfect embryo" where it needed to go, I remember looking at the screen at a little speck and praying please let that be our baby...a little over a year later and it still amazes me that I saw him before he even entered my body, I saw him at his first stage of life, perfect embryo = perfect baby!