Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well its been a few weeks since I have posted. We have been insanely busy. We are finally in the new house! Its not 100% done but close, I will post pics very soon. We are so happy to finally be in here. It was so worth all the time and sweat that we put into this place. Our Christmas was great, a little crazy this year with the moving and all, but still great. My sister was in town for a week and Cecil and I went to KY to visit the inlaws, mostly just hung out with family.

In Pregnancy news, I am 17.5 weeks and doing pretty well. I am still on my zofran pump, but they have lower my dose of medicine which is a good thing. I hope to be off this thing very soon. I am no longer getting sick, and have actually gained my first pound. I go to the doctor every 2 weeks, because of my weight lose and being on the pump, so every 2 weeks I get to hear the wonderful heart beat of the baby, the rate started in the 160's, then 150's, now this week it was in the 140's, which my doctor said is perfect! I have also started to feel the flutters, I LOVE IT! This baby is very active and there are days when I feel them all day, and other days when I think they are just taking it easy! I cant wait for Cecil to beable to feel, hes kindof jealous right now! :) We scheduled our BIG ultrasound, where we hopefully will find out the sex of the baby. It is Jan 21st, seems like a million years away! But we are excited. After that I will start on the nursery and actually buying some things, as I have not bought one things yet. It seems like 5 months is forever away, but I know it may fly by and I need to get moving on some things.

Thank you all for the prayers! We wouldnt be here without the support of everyone, and I cant thank you enough!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 14

Well I am 14.5 weeks.....and am doing much better. I have not thrown up in 1 week. I got put on a Zofran pump, I wear it 24 hours a day with a line going in my leg. I am actually eating a little now and drinking without throwing up. I can get out of bed now, I still have some moments where I dont feel well but I am so much better. I have not gained a pound yet, still down about 10 pounds. I go to the doctor every 2 weeks to keep an eye on my weight. So every 2 weeks I hear the little heart beating away, I love it everytime. I am hoping at next weeks appt I will have gained some weight. I am offically sporting a baby belly, I just popped one day and now I actually look a little pregnant, I love that too! We get to find out the sex in about 3.5 weeks, I am so excited I cannot wait. I have no feeling one way or another....everyonce in awhile I will feel its a girl but then the next day I have no feeling what so ever. We have our names picked out for ethier sex, which I will tell when we find out the sex. I am hoping within the next few weeks I will start feeling the little flutters of the baby. That will be an amazing moment!

In other news, our house is almost done, well done enough to move in, there will still be odds and ends to do once we get in. But we have started moving things in . YEAH! I will post pics soon. I can not wait to get all of our stuff out of boxes and have a home again. Its going to be so nice. I think we will spend the night in there this weekend or early next week.

Other then that, I dont really do much. I am not working since I have been so sick, and now there is no point in starting again for 5.5 months till the baby is I am just hanging out, taking it easy.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 12

Your Baby's Development
Your baby's brain continues to develop, and tiny fingernails and toenails start to form. Vocal cords are formed this week, which is the last of your first trimester.
Your baby's kidneys are functioning! After swallowing amniotic fluid, your baby will now be able to pass it out of the body as urine. And the intestines will make their way into the abdomen, since there is room for them now.
Well we have hit week 12! Which is very exciting for us. Today we met with my OB doctor for the first time, we really really liked her. She is pretty awesome. I still have not gained any weight or gained back any I have lost, I go back in 2 weeks for a weight check. I still have really bad days and then I have okay days. There are some days when I cant even keep apple juice down and other days when I eat a little. I am hoping that gets better soon, I miss my food!
We had an ultrasound today, the baby was moving around like CRAZY...he/she was flipping and flopping all around and had its hands over its face, very cute. It finally seemed real today, maybe I will start to relax, but proably not. We saw both arms and legs and spine and head, and even little fingers. The ultra sound pic above is from today but still kindof hard to see what is what. (the head is on the left) We are beyond thrilled and cant wait to meet the little one. Oh the heartrate today was 158.
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope I can eat some of the great food! But if not I have so much to be thankful for this year, our little one, my great husband, my awesome family, my faith, my dogs, our new house.............Have a great holiday week!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Week 10

Your Baby's Development
By week 10, all of your baby's vital organs have been formed and are starting to work together.
As external changes such as the separation of fingers and toes and the disappearance of the tail takes place, internal developments are taking place too. Tooth buds form inside the mouth, and if you're having a boy, his testes will begin producing the male hormone testosterone.
Congenital abnormalities are unlikely to develop after week 10. This also marks the end of the embryonic period — in general, the embryo now has a distinctly human appearance and starting next week your baby will officially be considered a fetus.

Well today is Week 10 for us! Finally double digits! Week 9 was a little tough sickness wise, but I made it through. Yesterday and today have been a little better. I start out my day dry heaving or throwing up, but then I kindof feel better after that. No interesting news this week as I have not gone to the doctor. I do have to go next week to recheck my blood pressure, because it was high last week when I was in. Hopefully everything checks out fine. Other then that, not much going on with me, a lot going on with the baby though as you read above. I am starting to show just a tiny bit, I guess I will need to start taking pics of the belly.
Other then that, I am just taking it easy, staying home and out of crowds, hanging out with my puppies all day. The house is coming along, we are pushing for us to be in by December 1st. It will not be all the way done, but at least liveable for us. I will post new pictures soon. Hope all is well with everyone. Please keep us in your prayers, that we both stay healthy and keep moving along as we have. I am so thankful to be this far, and have faith God will carry us both through until June, and keep us both healthy.

xoxo Kari

Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 9

Well time flys when your having fun right? Well not sure...I am 9 weeks today, getting closer and closer to that 12 week mark makes me happy, I wish it would just get here already though. But the baby has had no problems. As you can see from the ultrasound picture, you can actually make out the little head and where the back is crazy how the baby is growing from week to week. I had my first appt with my new OB this week, even though I dont meet her until my 12 week appt, I was really impressed with the office and the Nurses I did see. On Monday we got an ultrasound, and the littles ones heartrate was at 162. This is the first belly ultrasound I have had, so its great to not have to do the fun kind anymore. And the tech actually saw and I saw too, the baby move around. It was so crazy and so wonderful. So the baby is doing perfect...I love "it" (by the way I hate calling the baby it) so much already and cant wait to meet him/her.

So the baby is doing great, which is my main concern...but me on the other hand.....have had some rough days........I have been pretty sick for about 3 weeks, just gagging and dry heaving really, and this week started the throwing up. On Wednesday I was throwing up everything, including gatorade, so I got put on an IV of fluids. I have felt better after that. I am losing weight, which I think it pretty common, but I am not eating very much at all. I am trying to figure out ways to get some calories down but its not working out to great. But I will throw up everyday of the 9 months, if thats what needs to happen. (Im hoping it will end soon though)

Heres whats going on in Week 9 with the little one....

Your Baby's Development
The tail at the bottom of your baby's spinal cord has shrunk and almost disappeared by this week. In contrast, your baby's head has been growing — it's quite large compared with the rest of the body and it curves onto the chest. By this week, your baby measures about 0.6 to 0.7 inches (16 to 18 millimeters) from crown to rump and weighs around 0.1 ounces (3 grams). The tip of the nose has developed and can be seen in profile, and flaps of skin over the eyes have begun to shape into eyelids, which will become more noticeable in the next few weeks.
The digestive system continues to develop. The anus is forming, and the intestines are growing longer. In addition, internal reproductive features, such as testes and ovaries, start to form this week.
Your baby may make some first movements this week as muscles develop. If you had an ultrasound now, those movements might even be visible, but you won't be able to feel them for several more weeks.

After many tears and talks with Cecil and me getting H1N1 Vax, I did decide to get it this week. I was nervous with it being so new and being pregnant and all, but pregnant women and kids were in top priority.......and Mooresville was struck with a tradgety this week.......A beautiful young 27 year old mother to a 9 month old baby, was taken to Heaven yesterday after fighting for her life for 5 days, after getting H1N1. I followed with her family for the 5 days, it was so awful. God was just ready for her yesterday. I played basketball with her in high school, she graduated a few classes before me, but I remember her being so beautiful and honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met. So for me, it was clear, I stood in line on Thursday with all the other pregnant women and kids and got my shot. I did what Cecil and I felt was right for the baby and myself. Please pray for the families of Jamie Blackwell Loveless, pray for them to have strength during this time. And please pray for baby Gavin, whos mom will live on through him forever.

My next appt is Nov 23rd, I will be over 12 weeks and I get to meet the doctor. But it will be the longest I have been without an ultrasound, so Im sure I will be a nervous wreck the entire time. Thats the nice thing about IVF, you get many more ultrasounds and really see how the baby grows from week to week in the begining, I will miss that! But I know if just means the baby is doing fine and healthy. Please continue to say your prayers that both of us stay healthy and the little one stays as strong as it has this far. This baby is so blessed to have so many people love it already! It is going to be one spoiled little baby. Also Please keep Jamie's family in your prayers. I know she will be greatly missed.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

7weeks & 5 Days......

So we had our last appt with my RE (the doc who did our IVF) It was kindof sad to leave all the people that have been so wonderful the past few years, but we are so happy to get released to our new OB. I have my first appt with our OB on Monday! Things are moving right along, we couldnt be happier.

So at the appt today we did another ultrasound, and we could actually see a head and the start of arms and legs! And not only did we see the little heart pounding away, we got to hear the heart beat as well. Up until now I have not cried at an ultrasound-I think I have always been in shock, but hearing the heartbeat did it for me, the water works started. It is a moment Cecil and I will always cherish, and Im so glad he was there to share it with. The tech said it was a very strong heartbeat! Thank God for miracles........

As for me, still pretty sick. I am eating a little more now, I regret it afterwards, but at least Im getting some things down. I am still trying to take it very easy and stay away from sick people. Im starting to get some heartburn sometimes. I am not having many cravings at all yet, because NOTHING sounds good every. I have a few times craved buffalo wings and meatball meat I guess, and I am so not a meat eater. But I give my body what it wants......

As for other life, I have volleyball sectionals this week and also Cecil had football sectionals this week, so our seasons are coming to an end. Our house is coming along, slowly but surely.......painting is pretty much done, wood floors have started to go in......we hope to be in by Thanksgiving...Which is the last day of my first a great milestone and an awesome thing to be thankful for this year.

Our Due date is June 4th 2010, seems SO far away, but things are moving along pretty fast, a lot faster then I would have thought.


Your Baby's Development
Marveling over a baby's tiny fingers and toes is one of the joys of the first day of life. Those fingers and toes are just beginning to form this week, and the arms can even flex at the elbows and wrists. The eyes are becoming more obvious because they’ve begun to develop pigment (color) in the retina (back of the eye).
Also, the intestines are getting longer and there isn’t enough room for them in the baby’s abdomen, so they protrude into the umbilical cord until week 12.
By now, the beginnings of the buds that will develop into your baby's genitals have made their appearance, although they've not yet developed enough to reveal whether your baby is a boy or a girl.

I will update after our first OB appt on Monday. Again the prayers are much appreciated!

xoxo Kari

Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 6 Ultrasound

So we had our 2nd ultrasound last week. I was still a nervous wreck. THis is the first ultrasound Cecil has been too. I cant believe the difference in just one week. We actually saw the baby, not just the fetal pole and sac. (in the pic above the round white thing is the yoke sac and the thing to the right of it is the baby!) And then we saw the most amazing thing, the little heart just beating away. It was to early to hear it but we def saw it. One of the greatest moments my husband and I have ever had. Everything still looked great, my levels looked great, the baby was measuring right on time. We go back this Wednesday for another ultrasound and then I get released to my OB! I will update again after Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers, that Wednesdays looks as good as this one!
Today I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, so I will hit the 8 week mark this friday. Everyday is a miracle to me, hitting everyweek is a milestone. I am feeling pregnant, that is for sure. I am loosing weight actually because I am not eating hardly at all, which doesnt make me happy. But the thought of food just makes me gag. I have only thrown up once, but have gagged myself many times, expecially when I brush my teeth. I am just very nauseous most of the time, I do get a break every so often and start to feel good but then it always comes back. I am very tired. I am still pretty crampy, which makes me a nervous wreck, but I have been crampy the entire time.......and no matter how many times I read on the internet that it is normal to be crampy in early pregnancy, it doesnt matter....I am still freaked out. I also have 2 ovarian cysts that are giving me some pain as well, well I hope thats what it is. They showed up on my ultrasound.

I cant believe Im only about 4 1/2 weeks till Im done with the first trimester. Its going slow, yet fast. Im ready to be out of the first tri, so maybe I can actually relax a little, but proably not!

Please, Please keep this little one in your prayers, your prayers have done wonders so far, I know they have. Just ask him to stay and stick around with us for the next 7 months! I have faith this is going to work out!

xoxo~ Kari

Sunday, October 11, 2009

House Update

So I havent done a house update in awhile. We kindof took a little time off to concentrate on IVF. So we are a little behind but its okay. We had tile work done in our baths and entry way this week. MY master bedroom has walls that our ready to paint and the bathroom and walk in closet is added! (I am so happy, my closet is going to be huge....I have been wanting a huge clost forever) The kitchen drywall is done and the walls just got painted. Cabinets will be going in in the next few weeks. All new lighting is up! All paining will be done this week. But the big news is this coming weekend, our wood floors will be going in! That is like one of the final steps...after that we can start moving stuff in. I will post pics after this weekend of our progress! We are hoping another month and a half and we will be in! Just in time for the holidays.

Post about previous post

Just wanted to make it clear after reading the poem thing I posted below that someone sent to me. I did not write this. While I like it because it talks about not treating your infertility as a huge problem, be thankful for the things it has brought you. I dont agree with the part about being anything better because we have been through it. I think women who have been through infertility have a different presective on things, but not a better perspective, and in no way, shape, or form are mothers who have been through inferility better then mothers who didnt. I dont like that part of the writing......there was a quote that a read from a lady that finally had a baby after 10 years of struggling and she said, "I wouldnt wish inferitiliy on my worst enemy, but I also would not want it taken away from me." I totally agree that it has made me the way I am today, it has made me love my husband more then I ever thought possible, but in no way to I think infertility is going to make me a better mother, awesome mothers come from everywhere and every story, adoption, surrogacy, infertility, teen mothers, and even when there is no circumstance and you just have a baby........Awesome mothers are every where and I would never think I am a better mother...EVER,, Im sure this time next year there will be times when I think I am awful mother, like Im sure everyone has felt at some point. I wanted to put this writing on my blog, to show not the part about being better because I dont believe that, but I want people to know, I am in most ways thankful for everything in my life, good and bad, it has made me the person I am today. SO please dont take it the wrong way....I know anyone that is reading this blog is beyond an awesome mom and parent...and how do I know that, because you wouldnt be reading it if you didnt care about what I have been through to bring a life into this world, and caring about any child coming into the world whether it be through IVF or not, makes anyone a great parent.

This blog is for everyone I know that has a child, because I dont know of any bad moms, they are all awesome!

Just didnt want anyone to take that the wrong way.........

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thoughts on Becoming a Mother
There are women that become mothers without effort, without thought, without patience or loss and though they are good mothers and love their children, I know that I will be better.I will be better not because of genetics, or money or that I have read more books, but because I have struggled and toiled for this child.I have longed and waited. I have cried and prayed.I have endured and planned over and over again.Like most things in life, the people who truly have appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams.I will notice everything about my child.I will take time to watch my child sleep, explore and discover. I will marvel at this miracle every day for the rest of my life. I will be happy when I wake in the middle of the night to the sound of my child, knowing that I can comfort, hold and feed him and that I am not waking to take another temperature, pop another pill, take another shot or cry tears of a broken dream. My dream will be crying for me.I count myself lucky in this sense; that God has given me this insight, this special vision with which I will look upon my child that my friends will not see.Whether I parent a child I actually give birth to or a child that God leads me to, I will not be careless with my love.I will be a better mother for all that I have endured. I am a better wife, a better aunt, a better daughter, neighbor, friend and sister because I have known pain.I know disillusionment as I have been betrayed by my own body, I have been tried by fire and hell many never face, yet given time, I stood tall.I have prevailed.I have succeeded.I have won.So now, when others hurt around me, I do not run from their pain in order to save myself discomfort. I see it, mourn it, and join them in theirs.I listen.And even though I cannot make it better, I can make it less lonely. I have learned the immerse power of another hand holding tight to mine, of other eyes that moisten as they learn to accept the harsh truth and when life is beyond hard. I have learned a compassion that only comes with walking in those shoes.I have learned to appreciate life.Yes I will be a wonderful mother.

Our First Ultrasound

So I went in to my regular OB today (who does not deliever babies) to tell him we were pregnant since he has been there the longest during my venture through everything. Of course he was so happy for us. But I mentioned I have been having some pain, so he did an ultra sound. I WAS so nervous. My heart was racing, I hear so many stories about going to an ultrasound and there being just an empty sac. But there showed up 1 sac, it was alittle to soon for a heartbeat, I am a little over 5 weeks. But my doc said the sac was not empty, something going on it there! The pain is from 2 small cysts, he didnt seem concerned about them or the pain I was having. He said everything looked great.

We are still set for our ultrasound next week as well. Hopefully we will hear the heartbeat, there is chance it will still be to early, but hopefully not.

The chance of miscarriage goes way down after a heartbeat is heard. And goes way, way down after 13 weeks......I will be 13 weeks on Thanksgiving. I cant wait.

Please keep this baby in your prayers. Please pray for the little one to hang on for dear life for the next 8 months. I pray about 20 times a day, thanking God for this miracle and asking him to help this baby hang on. I love this little guy so much already. I really, really hope and pray that I will be holding them in about 8 months. This is the scariest thing I have ever been through. Everything scares me, and Im so worried at all times. Im sure I will be that way until he/she is in my arms.

By the way we did a Chinese Gender calander and it said we are having a girl. Its supposed to be 90% accurate. We will be happy with anything, just praying for healthy.

As far as me, I am feeling pregnant most of the time. Sometimes I dont feel any symtoms and its scares me. But most of the time I have the typical pregnancy symtoms...sore boobs, sick to my stomach, headaches, tired, throwing up yet, but the thought of some foods, make me gag. I am waiting for the throwing up to hit, I thought for sure today would be the day, I was so sick after I ate. But nothing so far, maybe I will be a lucky one.

Cecil, is very happy. Already a great dad to be. Making sure I am eating right, taking all my meds, making sure I am drinking enough. He tells the baby he loves "it." Makes me smile. Cant wait to see him with this baby for the first time, he is going to be awesome! I think I will have to fight him to hold the baby!

Thanks for prayers and please keep them coming. These next fews weeks are so important and vital for the baby.

By the way the picture above you can clearly see the sack, and more then likely there is just 1 baby in there. One can be hiding out, and we will find out next week!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So....I have been waiting years to beable to say that. We are still pretty much in shock. I thought for sure it was over for us, but our great God had other plans. This past Sunday I felt pretty sick to my stomach and just didnt feel right. Now I had taken about 5 home pregnancy tests from about last Wednesday the 23rd till Friday the 25th, all NEGATIVE. So I just decided I wasnt going to do anymore, but I just had to figure out why I felt so bad. So I snuck out and got 2 tests. Did not tell a soul. Came back home and peed on the stick and all the sudden 2 lines popped up. I have never seen the second line in my life. I feel to my knees and just started crying. Cecil wasnt home, but returned about 5 mins later. I just walked outside and he could see I was crying and he said whats wrong and I just handed him the test. He thought I was just handing him another negative test....he looked down and he said I dont know what this means, and I said its means we are pregnant. We didnt say anything after that, we just grabbed each other and I cried. We were in total shock. So on Monday I took another test and it was another positive. I called my nurse because I am still having cramps pretty bad at this point and she tells me its pretty common in early pregnany to have cramps, but she decides to move my blood test to the Monday they 28th. So I go over and get my blood test, and she calls back at 1:30 and says, yep we know why you are feeling bad, you are def pregnant. Again the tears came.

Well I had to go back today for more blood work to make sure my HCG levels are doubling, I was more nervous for today then ANYTHING. I was a wreck. I went about 10am this morning and had my blood taken. Got the call about at 1pm, saying my numbers have doubled and my beta was at 560, which is a GREAT number.

I am still doing one shot a night of pregestrone and I wear 2 estraderm patches, and I will keep doing that for a few more weeks.

Our ultra sound is set for Oct 13th, 2 days after my 26 th b-day. We will be able to see how many babies there are and hear heartbeats. We are SO excited. As of today I am 2 weeks and 6 days pregnant. So it is still very, very early. Things are looking great right now, but we still have so far to go. Please keep these little guys in your prayers, that they contuine to grow over the next 38 weeks.

We love you all and cant wait to share this journey with you! thanks again for everything

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1 week down, 1 to go

Well we are a week since our transfer, and 1 week away from my blood pregnancy test. The few days after the transfer were crazy. Thursday and friday, I laid around all day. Thank God for my mom and my husband. They made sure I was well taken care of. Thursday I didnt really feel anything, but Friday morning I got pretty sick and just had some major cramping. The cramping was still around on Saturday and pretty much gone by Sunday. No idea what was going on.

The 2 week wait is so intense and insane. It is the biggest emotional rollercoaster of my life. The days drag by and I wonder about every twinge in my body. Today was a tough, tough day for me. I couldnt take it anymore and I did a home pregnany test. It was negative. I know its early, but it is just such a blow to see a negative. I dont know what to think anymore. I was so upset all day. My awesome husband left work early to come home and get me out of the house. When he got home, we just sat and I cried on his shoulder. We then went to lunch. I could not make it without him. I honestly dont know what I would do without him through this.

Im not counting myself out yet, but its not looking great. But we believe in miracles and we are still praying all the time about it. I hope that I am totally shocked in a week with a positive, but I am bracing myself for the worst.

Thank you for everyone who has kept up with us the last few weeks! Hopefully a great miracle will happen next wednesday and I will beable to update with the fact we have a baby on the way. But if not, I have faith God will lead us in the right direction with what to do next.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Picture of our baby or babies........

So on Sept 16th we had our embryo transfer. When we arrived, I was SO nervous. I had not heard how our embryos were doing since Monday. On Monday we found out that of our 6 embryos, 1 stopped growing, 2 were looking great, and 3 were growing but slow. So we were so scared we were going to go come in and have them say all of them stopped growing. But we got there I went to the surgery center and waited for my doctor. He told us we had 1 perfect embryo, 1 almost perfect and all the others had stopped growing. We were bummed because we have none to freeze, no back-up plan. But we were so happy 2 of our guys had held on and contiuned to grow. So I signed off on putting the 2 embryos back in. Cecil sat beside me on a stool and I had an ultra sound machine on my belly. Now your bladder has to be SO full at this point, so the doctor can see what he is doing. He loaded the catheader (not sure how to spell that) with our 2 embryos and Cecil and watched on the screen, they kindof floated and then splashed in right where they needed to go. The picture above is the embryos in there, to the left of the black open part is a smaller white dot, and it looks like a circle around it, those our, our 2 embryos!

The doctor was very pleased and very confident! I was taken right back to my room where I had to lay flat for one hour. I had to pee so bad at this point from drinking so much to get my bladder full. So long behold I had my first experience peeing in a wonderful bedpan! Poor nurse. I had to though, there was NO way I could lay there for an hour with that full of a bladder.

After the hour, we came home, ate Jimmy Johns for lunch and I have been on the couch ever since. I feel okay, other then fact I am very bloated and uncomfortable. But I will make it. Cecil has been great, making sure I have everything I need. Now we are in the 2 week wait, the WORST part I think. We have to wait 2 weeks and then I do bloodwork to find out if the pregnancy took. Implantation is supposed to happen between 1-5 days after the transfer, so ANY time now my little guys could be snuggling in! We are hoping and praying they want to stay around for 9 more months.......

There will not be much to update for the next 2 weeks, I will be taking it very easy and trying to relax and NOT go crazy!

Once again, all the support has been wonderful, please keep us in your prayers for the next 5 days, and that our embryos decide to stay around!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

how can you be so nervous & so excited at the same time

Well I am hopefully writing you on the last day of my not pregnant life.......tomorrow is our embryo transfer. Right now I am SO nervous. But I will back up a bit.......

I went in Sept 11th for my egg retrival, it did not go as good as I would have hoped, but it wasnt a total bust ethier. I got there and got prepped and waited on the Doc. Finally we went back, and I got the good drugs, I was loopy, but I could kindof hear my Docs and nurses talking. Cecil was in there with me. SO if you remeber the end of last week I had a 15 eggs, well we could only get to 8 of them at the retrival, some of them where just empty, which meant there was no egg growing, and I guess my left ovary is kindof tilted which made it hard to get to some. I was hoping for 10, but was happy with 8.

We were extactic the next morning when they called and said of the 8, 6 had fertilized! Which meant we were going to put 2 back and freeze 4. Well the next report on Monday, wasnt as good. We are now down to 2 embryos, she said they are almost perfect but of the other 4, 1 just stopped growing and three are not growing like they should. SO SAD! Yet so thankful 2 of our little guys are still hanging on. There is a slight chance some of the 3 that are behind could catch up, so we are really praying maybe one of 2 of them have a growth spurt!

So I havent heard anything about them since Monday, it has been miserable...they try not to disturb them in their environment because one wrong thing can be a disaster. So yesterday and today, I have been a wreck...I want to know if the two strong ones are still growing and how they are looking? I want to know if any of the other 3 have shown any signs of being viable??? Its a nightmare not knowing.......Please keep them in your prayers, there are so many things that can go wrong, they are SO fragile.

Tomorrow is the BIG day, hopefully the 2 strong ones are still looking strong and if so they will be implanted at 1:00pm tomorrow. I am going to an accuputunre appt before the transfer, it is supposed to help with implantation. The next 2 days I will be on bed rest. I rented some movies and are good to go.

I know I have said it a 1,000 x's but the support we have recieved has been unreal..........if I am having a bad day, I know I can be lifted up just by comments and prayers from you guys.

It is in God's hands and I am leaving it that way. He has a plan for us and if these 2 little embryos are supposed to implant they will.

Fear Not. Just Trust. I will not fail you.
Go forward fearlessly
Trust and be not afraid
Rest in my certainty
rely on me
Let Go and Let Go

...............................the greater the fight, the greater the victory......................................

Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Home Stretch

Well Cecil and I went for my 3rd ultra sound and blood draw of the long weekend, poor nurses having to work their entire labor day weekend. I felt bad. But my E2 level today was 1440, which is getting up there. Not in the scary zone yet.....on the other hand, it means I am producing those eggs, and I am producing well. And I only have to do 2 of my shots tonight instead of 3! As of today my nurse, measured 15 little eggs! I have reached my goal. Now just because there are 15 in there, doesnt mean during the retrival the DR will beable to get them all out. We hope he can get as many out as possible, but he will not beable to find all of them. (Last IVF, I had 16 eggs and they only got 7 out at the retrival) We are hoping for at least 10 on retrival day. The next few days I have to take it very easy and push gatorade and fluids. I DO NOT want to get OHHS, which means I have overstimulated and could be cancelled.

The next 3 days will be very uncomfortable. I am VERY bloated, no longer able to fit into anything besides sweats and dresses. This week alone I have but on 7.5 its a big change to my body. But it looks like FRIDAY Sept 11th is the big day, the retrival, I know what a day right, but I actually feel good about it. For one its my moms birthday and I know its Sept 11th, but I feel almost like everyone who tragically lost their life on that day will be looking down on us trying to bring a new life into this world. And my sister, will actually be in town for a wedding, so she will be here too.

Well I will update on Wednesday, I got back for another ultra sound and blood draw. Please keep our little guys in your prayers that they continue to grow.
xoxo Kari

Friday, September 4, 2009


Well I know I have used this picture before, but I wanted to use it again because I have
officially started on all these medicines and shots. I am on day 4 of my stim meds.
(Which we want to help me produce tons of eggs, the more the better) We are hoping
for between 15-20 eggs. I am doing 3 shots a night, Lupron 5 units, Menopur 75 units, and Follistim 100 units. The Lupron and Follistim are easy peasy, Menopur NOT SO MUCH.
Menopur is fine sticking the needle in, but when Cecil started to push the medicine in, Im not going to lie, it burns so bad, it feels like someone is taking a pocket knife and stabbing me in the belly. Fun Right?? I am also taking 3 other pills a day, just to keep my risk of infection down.
I went in yesterday for my first blood draw. My estrogen level was a 328, which is good. I AM PRODUCING EGGS! That is the first hurdle. My levels were actually a little high, which is a good and bad thing, it means I am porducing great, but I dont want o over produce because you can overstimulate and it can cancel your cycle and make you very, very sick. So there is a fine line there and we dont want to cross it. So they knocked my Follistim shot from 100 units to 75 units per night. I go back to the doctor every other day now for an ultrasound and bloodwork. We will do this until they consider the eggs mature. So I will go back tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:15 to see the little guys on the ultra sound. I am feeling, well I will say OKAY, not great but not super bad. I have my moments where I feel really, really sick. Its about 12 hours after my shots. I am having trouble sleeping because I am unformtable and my hot flashes are getting worse. The thing about stimming meds is they make you really, really bloated in the tummy, because your body is not used to producing so many eggs....and my ovaries feel like they weight 500 pounds each. So it gets very unformtable and the more meds I put into my body, the worse it I will let you know next week how I feel. :) The longest I could take these stims is one more week, but I will proably go before that since I am repsonding good to the medicines. I am trying to creat a great place for the eggs to grow and flourish right now. So no exercise, no pop, no junk food (I have slipped a few times) no lifting anything.
In other news, V-ball season is in full swing. We are struggling a bit this year, hopefully we will pick it up. I love the girls though and enjoy coaching them.
House news, well its kindof taking a back burner to IVF right now. So its not moving a long quite as fast as it was, but thats fine, we knew and prepared for this. Now we are hoping to be all done and moved in my Nov 1st. Right now electrical is still going on, drywall in our kitchen and this weekend will be starting on the master bath and walk in closet addition.
And Cecil and I are going to the first Notre Dame football game tomorrow, we are in the first rom and SO excited. We are huge fans, its just a great atomsphere up there and we love it!
Well thats all for now, I will be updating a lot the next few weeks because we are in the home stretch! I really, really appreciate all the support and I dont know what I would do with out it. Please keep up all the prayers, we are in no means out of the woods yet, there are still a million things to go wrong. But I feel really calm and I feel Gods presence on our side this time.
Everyone have a great Labor Day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

IVF Update

So as most of you know, I got pushed back a month on our IVF. I had a huge cyst that just would not go away. I went in on August 18th and got in drained. That was an experience in itself. The procedure took all of 10 mins. It was in the surgery center. I got an IV put in and got taken back, then asked if I wanted to be put unders. I said no. So I did it without meds. I dont know if I would do it again with out meds....:) even though it was only 10 mins, well I will put it this way, IT SUCKED! But the cool thing is that I got to watch it on the ultrasound machine, I watched it be penetrated and then all the fluid sucked out till it was gone. I could even hear the fluid from the cyst coming out and dripping in a pan. Sorry if thats to much info. The funny thing is, when the fluid hits the pan it makes a sound like a bird chirping, so the doctor knows by the sound that the fluid is coming out so he doesnt have to look down and can keep his eye on the ultra here I am in stirups, about ready to kill someone because it hurts so bad, and then I get to listen to birds chirping as the fluid from my cyst hits a metal pan............oh my life experiences already and Im only 25!!!!

The good news I got that day is that my estrogen levels droped from 77 to 18, and they will not contuine with anything that is over a 50, so we are moving on to SEPTEMBER IVF!!!!

Right now I am still doing a shot everynight of Lupron, but we went from 20 units a night, to know 5, which is better. I am having trouble with the shots for some reason though, never have before. Its almost like my skin is so tough, that Cecil reall has to shove the needle in. We will get through it though. I am having a few side effects but not to many.....I am having some pretty killer hot flashes.....I always go to bed with clothes on and wake up with none. LOL....the weather cooling down has helped. I also get what they call lupron cramps, which is like deep cramps...but those come and do and arent to bad. I can be moody sometimes, and Cecil is doing very well with it. He can tell insantly if I am in a bad mood, and then he just kills me with kindness. Poor Guy. But then when I feel better, we just laugh about the ridiculous stuff that I got mad about. Like I have said before, I could not imagine going through all of this without him or with someone else. We are a great team!

So I have one more week to work on the house and to get somethings done. I start the really important shots on Monday Aug 31st. So then no exercise (besides walking) and no working on the house.....I will be producing tons and tons (hopefully) of eggs and you have to make sure they are keep in a great environment so they can grow. So no chemicals, lifting of anything, no pop (which I dont drink anyways) no junk food.

Then I go to the doctor on Sept 3rd, thats when they start montioring the growth of all my eggs and telll me how many are growing on each ovary. Then I go to the doctor everyother day, until they determine my eggs are "mature" by bloodwork and ultrasounds......then is retrival and then transfer.

My estimated transfer date is Sept 12th! Thats the big day. The day my already fertilized babies get put back into my body to attach and grow for the next 9 months.

Please keep us in your prayers, we are entering the home stretch and will really need to the support and prayers!

Thank you guys for everything!


Sunday, August 9, 2009












Thursday, July 30, 2009


so not to brag or anything but I have been blessed with a flat tummy usually, this is how bloated I am already. That is the worse part, looking pregnant and not being pregnant, yet!

This is Cecil gettiny my shot ready (Sorry I cant figure out how to turn the pics)

Well as many of you know. We have started our IVF cycle. I started shots of Lupron shots in the stomach on Monday, and I do them all the way until next friday. At that point I go in for a baseline ultra sound to make sure my body is ready to start making those eggs. Then I start 2 more shots on top of the one I am already doing, these will produce tons of eggs!! So until next friday it will be the same thing, 1 shot every night. MY prenatal vitamin, DHEA, Vit D. I am also doing massage once a week right now, accupunture, fertility yoga, and fertility meditation, and of course many, many prayers!!!!

In other news, the house is coming along. We just got done doing all new electrical and plumbing. Right now drywall is going up.......I have painted the entry, living room, and dining room. I am doing a paint treatment in our master to look like very old barn wood on the walls, I got the idea from pottery barn, so we will see how that turns out. I almost have everything bought we need, I am still shopping for carpet, countertops, and slate for the master bedroom bathroom. Landscaping got done, that was a huge job. I will post some pics of that this weekend. I ordered all furniture and have redid a lot of old pieces, which sticks with my eco friendly theme. I have done reclamied and eco friendly floors, paint, kitchen cabinets. Next on the agenda is brand new high efficent heating and A/C.

Getting my 11th tattoo this weekend, I am geting a saying on my side its says
...the greater the fight, the greater the victory...... which I tell myself everyday right now. I will post pictures of that too.

Cecil and I are both going into our coaching seasons. Which means we are so BUSY. We have tryouts starting Monday and first practice is Friday and first game is the 12th, Crazy the summer is gone already, I cant believe it. Cecil will have games every friday night, I will have games a 3 times a week and Saturdays. And when I dont have games on Saturday, we will be heading to south bend for Notre Dame football games, which we Love to do.

Other then that we are loving each other and loving life, and getting through IVF. I want to thank everyone for their support, prayers, and love during this time. We really appreciate it more then you guys will know. This is such a hard process and knowing we have so much support out there makes it so much easier. So thank you from both of us.

Please keep up the prayers, we will really need them the next month.

xoxo Kari

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

IVF Time

Well here are the Money shots, all my medicines!!! Wow a lot more then last time, and I HATE taking any meds. This is not going to be fun at all. NOw just waiting on aunt flow to begin the process. For those of your following the next month and 1/2 will go something like this.
1. Period Starts, Start Lupron ( this is a shot in the belly, it pretty much shuts me down like menopause) It will make me very irratiable and moody, tired, and sick to my stomach. FUN Stuff! I will take that for a whopping 21 days.
2. Then I will begin Follistim (another shot) and Menopur (another shot) These meds are helping me produce several eggs (hopefully 15-20 eggs) Normal women produce 1-2, so these meds make me very bloated, I look pregnant. These meds will control when I ovulate. I have a written out schedule that I have to follow very carefully.
3. I take these meds for about 5 days and then I start going in for a daily ultrasound to watch my eggs develop until they are considered mature, so at this stage its day by day. I could go in one day and my Dr will say they are ready.....or if they are not ready, we just let them grow for another day. I will also have many blood tests during this time, they can tell how mature eggs are by the blood test, this is a very important part because if they take eggs to early or late, IVF will not work.
4.Then comes the egg retrieval. This is where the doctor surgically removes all the eggs. I am slightly sedated. This happens when they have determined my eggs are mature and ready, they the night before I do an HCG shot, this is WORST part of the whole thing. The needle is HUGE and its and oily substance, so it goes in very, very slow. Then I wake up and they tell me how many eggs I got, the more the better. ( last time only 7 :()
5. Then my eggs are taken directly into a lab and the embyologist mixes the egg and sperm. Fertlization then takes place (hopefully) and then they are monitored for 5 days 24 hours a day. These embryologists are pretty much making sure our babies stay alive during the first 5 days.
6. Then 5 days later is the embryo transfer. This is where 2 of our best embryos (they are graded by the way they divide) are transferred into my uterus. (any extra willbe froze for later use) This is done through a catheter and we are both in there and we can watch them just float down where they need to go on a tv, its really cool.
7. Then I go home and I am on strict bed rest for 3 days and this is the most crucial part, embryo implantation. This is what did not happen last time. So this is where your prayers and thoughts will really be needed. We need those embryos to implant and want to stay put with me for 9 months.
8. Then 2 weeks later I will go in for blood work to see if we are pregnant or not. I just felt it in my bones last time even before I took the test that it was negative, worst day of my life. This time is going to be different, I just know it.
Once again, I want to thank everyone for their support. The next 2 months will be very exciting, scary, and nerve wrecking.......but I know with support of you all, my husband, my family, and most of all God. We will be okay, and in less then a year I will be a mom!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

WOW its about Time

(Pictures of the Guest House Before, I will Post After Pics tomorrow)

So we are in the new house...YEAH....well we are in the guest house for now until we get the main house done. But everything is here, including our puppies. They love the new yard. I am loving having high speed internet again. Everything is going as smoothly as possible with a remodel, we have hit a few bumps but nothing major.

In other news, V-ball season has started, well summer stuff anyways. Lots of girls this year, which is a good thing. Loving my job and I can walk to it now! Heading back to school for physical therapy in the fall, I swear one of these times I will figure out what I want to do!

IVF news, went and got most of my meds, 15 different ones to be exact! now just waiting on aunt flow, then I start the dreaded Lupron. We are ready and have faith it is going to work this time! But all the prayers can only help, so thank you in advance for that!

Will Update New pictures tomorrow!

Have a Great weekend!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

This month has been CRAZY......Its the 31st today and my sister has been in town from Florida for 3 days. We had a cookout, went to dinner, went shopping, colored our hair, walked our dogs at the park, breakfast.....and watched a softball game together. I try and fit as much in when she is here. We went to my cousins wedding today, it was downtown at Union Station, very pretty. I also went to 3 open houses today. I cant believe girls I coached are seniors and done with high school. Its crazy. But Im a exhausted from this weekend that is for sure.

We proably close on our house tomorrow. Yeah! I am so ready to get started. I have almost everything packed up. I cant wait until its all done and we are all moved in.

I also have decided to go back to school. I have been wondering what I am going to do with myself for the past few years and after some job shadowing and searching...I am heading back for physical therapy/exercise specialist degree. I have about 2 years left, but its a hard 2 years wtih 3 semesters of clinicals. It is really something I am going to love. I hope to work in sports med when I get out. Im excited to go back. I have about 2 years left. I also found a great part time job and its a long the same lines as I am going back to school. I will be working part time at curves, helping women with exercise, fitness, and health. I think it will be a very cool job and right up my ally.

Track season is over, the girls did pretty well. Our 4x100 realy team made it to the regionals and also a 400 runner. The 4 x100 team made it on to the top 10 of all time, so they did very well. It was a great season.

Volleyball begins next week......looking forward to it and getting back into it.

I start IVF meds in a month from tomorrow.......everything is just happening at once, but I know its all in our plan and we are just a long for the ride going with the flow.........

Other then that life is well...Cecil and I will be married 4 years on June 18th, it has flown by. But I couldnt ask for a better marriage or man to be married to. He is my best friend and my better half. We have many, many years ahead of us and I cant wait to enjoy them with him.

All our peices are falling together...this is what I have been praying for........God never lets you down.......

I will post pictures of the transformation of the house soon.


May 2009

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And the Madness begins.....

( Just thought I would throw in a pic of Georgia Lounging outside)
Well I have began to pack as you can see from the picture of our garage. It is not fun, but this will be our last move for a long, long time. We should be closing within a few weeks. Its going to be a lot of work, but looking forward to it.
So we will be doing IVF proably in August, want to be compeletely moved and settled before we start. And its actually nice to have a break from it right now, not taking an supplements or anything.
Track season is almost over, I really had a great time. I enjoy the kids, most of the time. We have our county track meet tonight and then sectionals next tuesday. But no rest for me, volleyball begins first week of June. Looking forward to another great season.
Other then that nothing new is really happening, just same old thing. Trying to decide what I want to do with my life, and that sucks because there are a million things I would be happy with, just dont know which one to pick.
Cecil is still working really hard, and hes been playing in softball tournies on the weekend with other Mooresville Football Coaches, he really likes that.
Life is great other then that........

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This is the mold in the apartment bathroom!

This is the trash that came out of the house already!

Monday, April 27, 2009

The HOUSE....

So this is our new house, pretty right?? was built in 1901, its a 4 bedroom 3 bath home with a 2 bedroom 1 bath detached apartment. As you can see the apartment above is a nightmare! It needs a ton of work. As you can see above the kicthen cabinets are from proably the 1940's...there is cat pee in the carpet, the bathroom cabinets are moldy. There is no air conditioning. It is going to be a big beautiful house when we are done, follow the blog to watch the pictures progress.

Monday, April 13, 2009

We got the House!!!!

I know random wedding picture, but our 4 year anniversary is coming up...I cant believe this was almost 4 years ago, it has flown by. But he is still my best friend and I love him more then I did this day! We never knew in this picture the trails we would have in these next years, our new marriage has been through a lot. Thankfully for us our inferility has made us stronger as a couple. And I know it will make us better parents. I was talking to a very wise lady last week who went through infertility for 8 long years (I can imagine) but she said something that stuck with me...she said about infertility I wouldnt wish it on anyone, but I wouldnt wish it not to of happened to me. And I totally agree, it has made me the person I am today, it has made me appreciate every child or baby I see. It has made me relize material things are not important, it has made me love my husband even more then I thought was possible. I have finally given it to God, I cant make it on my time anymore, its on his, I think this was his way of getting my realtionship back with him and to stop and appreciate life, because if I would have just gotten pregnant 4 years ago when we started trying, I would not be the person I am today or appreciate the life I have. I know God will give us the baby we are supposed to have. Its crazy to think I could have a 4 year old right now, but God decided to take that baby to heaven even before it took its first breath, and I do not understand and I never will but I now have faith that I do not need to understand. I finally see my infertility in the way God wants me to see it, as a blessing........

In other news...we got the house!! Yeah I am so happy, no more living in the houses we flip! We are going to have our own house again. We close in about a month, and then the work begins. Im excited because we get to start from stratch, I get to pick out everything. But we along with my doctor have decided to wait a few months on IVF, Im kindof bummed, but with moving and remodeling a house, its just not the right time, and I prayed about it and I just know I need to wait a few months to not have the stress of moving and what not...and its only a few months.......proably end of July is when we are looking at........I will be updating this blog with pictures and how the remodel is going.....

Went to my first wedding of the season Saturday, It was Ashley Bains and Bryan Nuffers, it was a beautiful wedding and she looked just as beautiful and they both seemed so happy. And I am so happy for them......

Easter was great, very laid back. We went to church in the am, all the little girls in their dresses, I loved it! Then my dad came over for lunch with Cecil and I, then I took a nap with my puppies, then we went to my moms. Its so weird with my parents being divorced, doing different things on holidays, this year will be the first for that. After 24 years of used to it being one way, its different, but I know they are both happy and thats all that matters. I just thankful for both of them being in our lives.

A lot of people have asked how my sister Kassidy is doing, she seems to be doing great in Flordia. She and Brian seem happy, adjusting to living with each other! We havent made it down there to see them yet, with my coaching schedule its tough, but we will go soon. She is cutting hair down there finally and building her clientel. I miss her and hope one day they will be back.

Well thats all for now. I will update with pictures of the new house soon!

xoxo Kari

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April is the Month.......

Welp....we are officially in the month I start my meds......I will start shots of Lupron everynight at the end of this month! Then the FUN begins.......Other then that I am still doing my fertility yoga, chiro appts, supplements, massage, and accupunture........We are getting there....

In other news....we took all the dogs to the vet for their annual shots, its a treat getting 4 over 75 pound dogs to the vet...everyone is perfect...except our English Bulldog Irish, he is getting to FAT! So we have to get him exercising....which is good, because its starting to get nice out and he looks to walk and I need the walks. Right now as I type he is under the quest bed covers rolling around with his feet straight up in the air! He is crazy......He makes us laugh everyday, I swear!

Track is in full season, Im enjoying almost every minute of it! Volleyball will be coming on very soon too. Also I have beeen instructed to not start my business intill after at least 12 weeks of once again I am not working (well other then coaching) so I am taking advantage and resting and getting my body ready. Cecil is great, he is playing football and helping with High school football, he got a raise and a bonus a few weeks ago. We thank God everynight for his great job, expecially when it seems so many people are losing theirs.

Wedding Season is beginning, I have my first one this Saturday! I think so far I have a total of 4 this summer to attend, which is totally great because I LOVE weddings!

Cecil and I have put an offer in on a house...FINALLY.....we think we found what we have been looking is a major project though. It needs totally remodeled and its 3,000 sq feet, so its not a small remodel, it will be our biggest yet. And this is the first one we have bought where we want to live. Thankfully on the property is a 2 bedroom guest house, so we are going to fix that up first and live in it while we work on the big house! Then then guest house will turn into my business! Its really perfect for us, I hope we get it. It was built in 1901, I love the old houses like has the orginial moldings and staircase......its going to be so cool once we get it done. Hopefully this is the house God has lead us to!

Well thank you everyone again for your support.......It really means the world to us.......this time next year we will be home with a newborn!!!

Here are some quotes I found in these Christian books I have been reading, these stuck out to be so I have them written and plastered on the walls in my house, so I can see them all the time...

...such wonderful things are coming to. Trust!........

...Just trust me in everything. The Difficult way is nearly over.........

...Out of our difficulties, grow miracles.....

....Rely on Me........

Also I have finished 2 great books this week, Hannahs Hope, is a great book about God and infertility......and I just finished Multiple Blessing by Kate of Jon and Kate Plus 8, its a great book as well......

Well Im going to go enjoy the thunderstorm that is coming in...Love them!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our IVF Consultation

Well we had our IVF Consultation yesterday! We begin meds in about 1 month! I will be on Lupron for 21 days, which is a shot in the belly everynight. And as you can see with photo number 2 of the handouts we got at the doctor, that my hormones will be crazy. Uh the joys of IVF I will be a pleasure to be around Im sure. Poor Cecil! Then after 21 days I start my "stimming" meds, which will make me produce tons of eggs. Those medicines are Menopur and Follistim, which are both shots in the belly every night as well. So pretty much I am a pin cushion for a month! Then I go to the doctor everyday for an ultra sounds to make sure I am producing good eggs. Our goal is between 10 -20 eggs. So right now our approimate Egg retrival (where they go in and take out the eggs) is the end of May and Egg transfer (where the put fertilizied embroys back in) is first week in June. I am so excited, yet so nervous. I hate being on all the meds, on top of the ones I listed I will be on 7 more on the course of a month. And then after we get pregnant I will be one still a shot a day until 12 weeks to prevent will all be sooo worth it! I cant believe in about a year I will be holding our baby or babies in my arms. Well I pray to God everynight that we are! Also at our consultation we had to sign all of our scary adult consents......makes me feel very grown up, not in a good way. I have to sign off on the risks of IVF.....which are not a lot but still scary. And we have to sign off on things such as something happening to Cecil and I.....just not fun but I understand needed. The cost doesnt matter to us, but I know some people do wonder what it costs, and I know there are some people that are thinking of doing IVF following this blog, so we are looking at a total cost with meds and everything of around $14,000. But we would pay of course we think about the cost, expecially because this isnt our first time doing it, but I always try to put it in the back of my thoughts. I dont even think about what we could buy with that money because I will never think about a penny of it when we are holding our baby.
Other then that.....I have still been doing my fertility yoga, along with pilates. I had my first fertility massage on Thursday, it was different, but great. I start accupunture this week. I also am going to the chiro every other week for adjustments. I have cut caffiene out 100%. I am taking a prenatal, fish oil, dhea, and baby aspirin. Starting April 1st, I am starting the Fertility Foods diet. I have also been walking my bulldog at the park. We have so been enjoying this weather. My business is going good so far, opening the beginning of April. Track is going great, we had our first meet this past week, and they did very well for the first one. They will only get better. Cecil has been working hard to get the finishing touches on our latest flip house.....we are showing it twice tomorrow.
Everything is just falling into place........I know we are on Gods path, and thats what we plan to follow. He will lead us as he always has. We are so grateful for what we have and each other! The next month will be kindof boring, but after that the fun begins!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Starting My Business April 1st!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to update on our lives....Im into track season now, I really like it. The kids are great, most of them anyways. We started volleyball open gyms and our running a kids camp. So I feel like I am at the school all the time.

Baby wise, I am seeing my RE next week to get my schedule. I am looking to about June to do our IVF. I just want to get through opening my business, moving, and track season. So right now I am just working out really hard, doing yoga. I am down 4 pounds in a week, which is nice because fertility meds put the pounds on ya! Next week I start accupunture and fertility massage.

But some exciting news, I am opening my own business! Well its my own business inside of an already established business. I am opening an all natural skin care and wellness business. I will be using all natural products, and doing facials, peels, body treatments for stress and strain. I am really excited. I am opening in in Greenwood in a wellness center. Opening date is April 1st. I am excited to share my green lifestyle with others.

Cecil is working a lot right now. He just got his review and he ranked in the top of insurance adjusters, so I was really proud of him. He is still helping out with football.

Thank you everyone for all your support! Kari

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nothing New Going On Here........

Well not much new to report around here. Still on Birth Control until we get the go ahead. Just trying to get my body ready. I am no longer allowed to work full I am looking into becoming a wellness therapist and working part time. I also just got one of the Girls Assistant Varsity Track Coaching positions at Mooresville High School, so I am now a 2 sport coach. I am really excited.

Other then that I think Cecil and I are going to start looking for a permanet home in the spring. We live in our flip houses when we get them done. We will still flip we just will not live in them. Its been fun, but we are ready to have our own home again, and with a new baby hopefully, we need to be settled.
Well since I have nothing new to post I thought I would post some of my doggies, we have just been hanging out since I have been home!
Peace& Love, Kari

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back to Reality!!!

Hello everyone, we are back from our vacation. It was so nice to relax for a week and do nothing, excpecially before we start the IVF process again. Well before we left I started my supplements. I was really looking forward to taking the Royal Jelly/Bee Pollen, but I took it one day and had an allergic reaction. :( so no more of that. But I am still taking organic viatmins, DHEA, and some other things. I have started going to the Chiro, I just feel so good when I leave there. Start accuptunture next week. I go back to me RE (fertility doctor) next week. He will be checking for cysts. If I have any I will stay on birth control another month, if I dont we will get the green light to start IVF. I am SO excited yet scared out of my mind. I told myself nothing but positive thoughts this time, but its so hard. I always go back to the "what ifs", I need to stop that. God had a plan for us, and I just have to have faith. Faith that God knows when the time is right for Cecil and I to have a baby, faith he is going to carry us through this time, faith that even after he gives us the joy of a postive pregancy test that he carrys us through the first 12 weeks safely. He has done it for many women, that were told they did not have any chance, so I have faith he will do it for us.
Thank you all for support! Kari