Saturday, May 5, 2012

I guess its May

Is it really May?  Am I really planning Quinns 2nd birthday for later this month?  Its so true what everone tells you, once you have kids...time flys by...I guess its because "Time flys when you are having fun."  Which is what we are doing...having lots of fun....the weather has been nice and Quinn is loving it.  He loves to be outside exploring, digging, playing ball.  He loves his water table right now, and he calls it a 'pool.' He loves "blides" which are slides at the park.  He still love bubbles, loves to chase them, loves to blow them himself.  He loves to throw rocks and sticks, expecially at papaws because he can throw them into the lake. 

He loves to help mom and dad. Anything we ask him for help with he does willingly.  He helps us carry stuff, put his toys away, clean...haha he loves to "sweeep" and dust, and do, well sorta do laundry.  Wonder how long that will last.....

He loves the games I download on the "pad pad"  (ipad).  It really does teach him so much.  He really loves this preschool monkey app.  He put puzzles together, plays match, counts, and recongizes shapes.  I started this past week, doing a little structured pre-pre K stuff with him.  This weeks letter was A, and he can say A and find A's anywhere now.  We read airplane books and made an airplane out of clothes pins, we read an apple pie book and painted with apples.  He is also learning colors, and numbers, and sorting.  I am not going to push him, when he feels like working on stuff (which he usually does) we will.  I am not going to be a mom that wants my kid to know the ABC's before other kids his age.  The only reason why I even talk about what he knows and does on my blog is so I can look back and remember at what age he was doing what, or what we were doing at this time.  I want learning to be fun, and I want him to do it at his pace. 

His vocab is expanding so much.  He amazes me with new words every day.  He is getting really good with names of people, its so cute how some of them come out. 
Cecil= seesail
Katie= kaie
Annie= anie
ally=ally (says it pretty good)
Kass= kasn

I would say he uses over 100 per words now, maybe closer to 150. 

He has started calling people, mostly papaw and Aunt Kasn (Kassidy) and he will get real shy but he will talk a little bit.

Loves to color and maint (paint).  Loves to run. And he says "Illgetyou" and that means we chase him.  We still go to gymnastics on Thursdays, which he loves. 

He is just such a happy guy, and so good.  We never have to use time out or really much of anything with him.  He says "pease" (please) and "tank you" (thank you) all the time.  I cant believe its been almost 2 years, and then on the other hand I cant remember life before him.  He is so fun, and I look forward to spending my days with him.......I hope hes enjoying it as much as I am.