Friday, January 22, 2010

Its a BOY!!!!!!!

So we had our 20 week ultrasound yesterday. And there was no denying....ITS A BOY! We were beyond thrilled. And he is healthy which is even more of a blessing. We got to watch him for a good 40 mins as the tech took measurements and looked at all of his organs and parts. At one point he put his little feet up and we could see the outline of his feet and all 10 little toes. So Cute! And he kept facing forward and looking right at the little machine. I love him so much already. He was measuring right on time, and our due date is still June 4th. He weighs right at a pound. He is breech right now, but my doctor said that is fine and he has plenty of time to move around. I cant thank God enough for him!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The House

So these are the pics of the house. It is not 100% done, as you can tell from the pictures. But it is done enough now to where we can live in it and do the rest. If you look back on my blog you can look at pictures of how the house looked when we bought it in June. It has came a long way and with the major help of my dad and a few other people we did all the work ourselves, which means a lot to us. Once the downstairs is finished, we do have a loft, 2 bedrooms and a full bath upstairs we havent touched, and that will be next. YEAH!!
The Stairs, which are still being worked on, but look great so far. They were covered with cat pee carpet, and they have great old charm.

babys room so far, right off living room. Will be in there while they are little

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room from front Entry

Living room looking in from dining room

Dining Room
Dining Room, with pheonix at the bottom, sorry!
Our laundry/mud room. Which is Huge and I love. Sorry catching up on laundry that you see piled up there.

other side of kitchen, obiously a small cabinet needs to go in besides dishwasher

OUr kitchen, small but works for us. The house is 110 years old, so we worked with what we got. The trim still needs done in here and the kick plate under the cabinets. but its getting there. To the right is a pantry as well.

Our Kitchen, which still needs the most work. We have 1 cabinet to stain and the back splash to do.

Our Master Shower, that is huge and we love!

Our New Master. This used to be one huge family room. The brown wall behind the bed we put up and added a huge walk in closet and master bath behind it.