Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring is here!!!

Spring is finally here.....the weather has been beautiful...and that means we have a baby boy saying "oside" "oside" (outside) or "blide" (slide) or bubbles or shoot (shooting baskets outside).  He loves to be outside.  He also loves to "ig" or dig in his sand box.  Right now one of his favorite things is to chase bubbles outside.  He will say dadda bubbles pease (please).....I mean how cute is that.  He is talking up a storm, Im sure hes close to 100 words he says by now.  New words everyday.  Its so fun to watch him learn and the words he comes up with for certain things.  You can understand him pretty well, but sometimes people will defer back to me and say "what is he saying"  He loves to blow kisses and wink and give high fives.  Right now he is into blocks and cars.  He loves the movie cars, and of course still Mickey Mouse.  He can name all the characters on Mickey Mouse, so funny!  He only gets limited TV per day and he always chooses "mouse" or "cars."  He has been facetiming with Aunt Kassidy and now can spot her in a picture and says Kass! Another cute thing he does..he runs away saying " Ill get you" and that means he wants us to chase him, and he just cracks up the whole time he is running away from us!

Other then that we are doing the same ol thing.  Playing and just enjoying being a family of 3.  We have sold another house, so for now we are moving into a rental for awhile, to see where we want to end up.  We are ready to settle down and not always have a house for sale or always doing work to a house.  We just arent sure if its Mooresville or even Indiana we want to settle down in.  Kindof depends where Cecils jobs takes us.  But we are open to a new adventure!

Easter was yesterday and Quinn had a great time.  He got into hunting for Easter Eggs, and was sad when there wasnt anymore to find, but he kept looking intil I distracted him with the treats that were in the egg.  Now Quinn doesnt get many treats, his treats or candy are fruit snacks or fig newton cookies.  I am very particular about what he eats and drinks.  So him getting candy and juice yesterday, he was into it for a min, but then like okay Ill go play.  I thought his first real experience with a piece of chocolate would be a big deal, but he could of cared less really!  Give him berries or veggies anyday, he will almost pick them over anything else.