Wednesday, October 6, 2010

4 months......

Like I say everytime I blog, I cant believe I have a 4 month old.....its crazy how fast time is going, I already look back and pictures of him from a few months ago and he looks totally different, I am loving this age though, he is getting a little personality and laughs all day everyday! Honestly, he is a happy, happy baby. He will get upset when really tired or really hungry, other then that he is great.

He had his 4 month check-up on Monday and he is absoulty perfect. Hes weight 16.2 lbs, and is a little over 27 iches tall, which is 90%, he is gonna be tall like his momma! He has 2 bottom teeth getting ready to pop through the gums. You can tell because he is drooling and wants to put everything in his mouth right now.

The weather has been perfect for walks, we try and take one everyday. He LOVES to be outside, LOVES it. We take him everywhere with us, hes a little sports nut already. Hes been to football, volleyball, and basketball games already, and he loves all the action, lights, and movement.

We have started big boy foods, so far he has had oatmeal, green beans, squash, bananas, apples, and sweet potatoes. He LOVES bananas, and he likes everything else. Green beans are his least fave right now.

He loves to play in his exersausor, he could play in that thing for hours at time, I dont let him of course but he could. He gets so into the toys. He loves when we read to him still, we read to him everyday. He likes his swing okay, not really that into it. He likes things that light up and play music. He is really getting into his play mat, because he figured out he can kick the toys hanging down and he thinks thats pretty cool. He has discovered his feet, and again he thinks they are pretty cool. They have made it into his mouth a few times so far.

He is sitting up already on his own, for a few seconds, and he leans way forward but he is doing it. He rolls over but doesnt care much to do it, he wants to be on his back at all times, not sure how that will work with crawling but we will see. He loves to stand up, he looks around like hes such a big boy!

His beloved hair is no longer sticking straight up :( Hes starting to get a man hair do, with a comb over. LOL, still cute as ever, but I will always miss the straight up crazyness it was. I literally get stopped everywhere I go for people to look at his hair!

Hes very interested in our dogs, and will just watch them , and grab for them. I know they will be great friends when he gets older. OUr dogs our doing great with him, they are so used to him now, Georgia our female american bulldog LOVES him, we just have to be careful because she starts guarding him when our other dogs come around. The transition has gone very well, I still feel bad because our dogs entire lives have changed, and now they dont get the attention they used to, but we still try to play with them everynight and they get plenty of treats and loving!

Our lives are going great, being a mother is everything I though it was going to be times 100. He is the greatest thing to ever happen to me, along with Cecil. He is my greatest accomplishment and I thank God for both of them everyday.

1 year ago on Sept 27th, we were annoucing our pregnancy, what a crazy wonderful year it has been......