Thursday, February 2, 2012

20 months....

Well Quinn turned 20 months...thats 4 months from having a 2 year old.....Hes so independent now.  Makes me a little sad, but so happy for the wonderful toddler he is becoming.  We went to the park this week, (Yes in January, I love it) and he is so different then he was when we were going to the park in the fall.  He would stay by my side and I had to go down the slides with him, now he climbs all the way up the equipment by himself and goes down the slides head first!  And Im running around trying to make sure he stays in me sight basically I am sweating more then he is after an hour of playing at the park.  He answers yes and no to questions now, he knows what he wants to eat and for a snack,  it is crazy that I am communicating with this little person who just a year ago was learning how to walk.  He is the politest little kid, he gets that from his dad.  If another kid has something he wants, he will never just take it out of their hands, he always waits his turn for things...we are working on please and thank you!  It just amazes me how much he is growing and changing right now.  It is something new everyday.

New words in the past couple weeks...
range- means he wants an orange (tangerine)
coo-coo- Train
baby- finally he never wanted to say this before and now all the sudden everytime he sees a baby he says it
Bella- his playdate friend
I- is anything he can write with
basketball (so cute how he says it)
Mouse- this is an old one, but this is what he calls Mickey Mouse
Duck-he knows donald duck
Toes, mouth( he knows all of his body parts, now he is starting to say a few of them)

In January we did a lot of activities...we go to open gyms every week, where he runs and jumps, and plays.  We have been to the Childrens musuem a few times.  We go to library time every week, for books, bubbles, and songs.   We had a few playdates.  We played in the snow and we are going to swim lessons every Saturday morning so Dad gets to go!  We even got to play outside a few days with the weather being so nice.

We are working on colors, he has blue down...I am so proud of him.....I couldnt have a sweeter baby boy..I always say to him, Can Momma hold you? And he says Yes...and comes running for me to hold him......I love it......dont get me wrong he has his terrrible two moments......and when I ask him if he needs a time out he always says those are obiously doing a lot of good! 

Febuary looks to be just as great a January...we will going to Florida next week to visit Aunt Kassidy and Uncle Brian.....Cecil has a birthday...we are going to make a trip to see mamaw and papaw in Kentucky.....