Tuesday, May 11, 2010

36 weeks!

Well Cecil and I went to my 36th week appt yesterday. He doesnt usually go to my weekly appts with me but on Monday morning I woke him up about 4:30 am with some pretty intense contractions, I just waited it out because I already had a docs appt at 9:00, so he went with me incase it turned out to be something. Well by the time we got to docs office, they had died down a bit and were not as intense. She still wanted to check things out and when she did my exam, she told me his head is WAY WAY down. (she didnt have to tell me, I have been feeling it all week!) And my cervix is soft and I was dilated at 2.5! Also just by looking at my you can tell I dropped or should I say baby dropped. She said by how fast things are moving, I was dilated at 1 last week and had been for a few weeks before that, she wouldnt be surprised if I had him this week....WHAT? I mean I knew I had to do this, I know I cant keep him in forever, and I really want to meet him...but I was prepared for a few more weeks to get used to the idea! But she said with his size (she guesses him around 7.5 lbs right now and the fact I got the steroid shot for his lungs already, that he will be prefect.) In her words, "Bring him on." So we will see when he wants to make his self known....

In other pregnancy news...I have gained 25 lbs, yes I have been putting it on lately. Its proably because my 2 cravings are donuts and cereal...why cant I crave fruit or veggies?

I am offically waking up every 1-2 hours through-out the night, I guess its just practice for newborn schedule........

Well I got my first Mothers Day gift ever. I had flowers delievered and the card read "Happy First Mothers Day! Love Quinn" My husband and mother in law are great, I was no expecting anything. And usually I find things out because I am the one that does the banking so I see what Cecils spends money on and where, my his mom ordered them, so I had no clue. It was very sweet, I got a little teary eyed!

Well Quinns room is DONE! Now we are just waiting on him. It turned out pretty good for being an office a few months ago, its not even a real bedroom but his bedroom will be upstairs and master is down stairs on opposite ends of the house, and thats just to far away from me for right now. So eventually his bedroom will be upstairs, but for now its our "office."
I will update in a few days......but I just wanted everyone to keep him and I in your thoughts and prayers....I know your prayers have got us through so much to this point, just please ask to keep both of us safe and healthy through labor and delivery. Its such a beautiful thing but I am a nervous wreck.......

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  1. YAY! Very exciting! You are looking great and the nursery is adorable! I moved my blog so come check me out over here: http://foreachother.tumblr.com