Saturday, July 24, 2010

8 Weeks

I will proably say this everytime, but I cannot believe we have an 8 week old. He is changing every day and Im loving every single second of it. He went to the pool for the first time, for about 10 mins, he LOVE it! He had his first holiday, The 4th of July, we went to a family cookout. He is smiling everyday, big ol baby grins, all day long...I cant get enough of those. He also follows people and objects with his eyes, his laughs when you play peek a boo, and he smiles when you kiss him on his cheek. He def knows his mom and dad. He loves to sleep on our chests and us holding him. He is starting to like his swing and bouncy seat. He LOVES to be outside, to bad its been way to hot to take him out, when its cool I just sit outside with him and he looks around at the trees. He is rolling, not rolling over yet, but rolling up on both sides. He is a very mellow baby unless he gets hungry or his belly hurts, and then he will get fired up. He loves to listen to music, his faves are Jack Johnson and Notre Dame Band CD, he gets his feet kicking and just smiles....his dad thinks its pretty cool, secretly I know its just to music, he wouldnt care if was elevator music.....
Hes not much for sleeping, during the say he only takes cat naps for 20-30 mins at a time, and he likes to be up bright and early anywhere from 4am- 6am, ready to smile, talk, and play. He is eating us out of the house....sometimes it seems like he cant get enough food. I know its because hes growing, hes growing before our eyes, he looks bigger to me everyday. He weighs about 11 lbs and is pretty long, all his 3 month sleeps fit him everywhere but length, and Im not having no baby wearing high waters....haha, I know all to well about that problem.....His eyes are changing color, just not sure to what yet.
We started cloth diapering this week, and I love it, he doesnt seem to mind ethier. Its so much easier then I thought and so good for him, the environment and our bank account, so its a win-win-win.
8 weeks later and I honestly still hold him sometimes and cant believe hes mine and that I have an 8 week old. Just yesterday he was sleeping on my chest and breathing on my neck and I had tears running down my face because there was a time when I never thought I would have this life and I love it more then I even though possible.

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  1. What a little ham!! He is so adorable and I just love all that hair!