Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update of Pictures

Hanging out with mom at home..Loves to be naked Aug 2010
In his "Worth the Wait" Shirt I had made for him..boy was he ever worth it

Hanging out again, what we do best! 2 Months old

Getting so Good at tummy time. Month 2 Aug 2010

His awesome Notre Dame Blanket a great family friend made for him

HIs first trip to Kentucky to mamaw and papaws! Aug 2010

Loves to hang out with his dad....month 2

Love the hair in this pic, never had any fall out, but its turning light underneath Sitting up like a big boy...... month 2

Tummy Time 2.5 months Aug 2010

Our Happy Boy!

Spending time with Dad after work! 2.5 months

3 months old 8/26/10

Quinn turned 3 months on August 26th

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