Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Few Steps......

That is how month 8 started out...with a few steps...8 months 3 days...Quinn took his first 3 steps in a row....we were shocked. He is pushing around a little cart with wheels everywhere with no help.....he is just amazing. Total he has done 4 steps now in a row, hes getting braver and is trying so hard to really walk. I thought I had a few more months to prepare for this.....but he had other plans.....hes ready to be on the move. He can stand up on his own from sitting, he walks with our hands and around furniture like a champ. I just cant get enough of him...but Im sad time is flying by....I cant even remember being pregnant or him being a newborn and it wasnt that long ago....

I am already starting to plan his first birthday...I keep re checking the I sure its less then 4 months away...that cant be.....but every time I check, its say the same baby boy will be turning 1 at the end of May.

What else is going on in our mouth slobbery kisses is what...he loves to give them see him coming froma mile a way with his mouth wide open right onto your face....they are awesome...never though I would enjoy being covered in saliva so much....he will literally have me rolling on the gound in laughter because he just kisses over and over again...and he thinks its so funny!

Words so far...he says dada, momma, and hi! We are working on waving, he does it every once in a while...he Loves to clap, he claps all day. His other great accomplishment, shaking his head no....and he knows when to do it too, like when Im singing to him, he shakes his head no the entire time...or when hes getting into something he shouldnt, I tell him no no no, he still goes about doing what he shouldnt be doing, but shaking his head no no the whole time...I mean how can you ever be mad at that.....Im gonna be such a push over!

We did our first mommy and me class this week, it was a music class...with bubbles and mirrors and toys and books. It was a lot of fun...Quinn does not like to sit still though,he rather be exploring then sitting on moms lap singing songs! We start mommy & tot swimming class next week..I am super excited for that because he LOves the stay tuned to see how that goes.....

other then that we are just enjoying our days with our little I know this is what I was made to do in a consumes me....its my world, its my perfect life, being a mother and a wife!

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