Thursday, July 26, 2012

How does so much time get away from me....

I have to tell you, I invisoned having a lot more time as a stay at home mom.....I thought I would do all this stuff and be betty crocker.....let me tell you, know over 2 years later it has finally hit me....I have no time.....Dont get me wrong I love it and wouldnt change a minute, but all these thoughts of home cooked meals with candles are not happening around here.  I can't even find time to blog.  With Cecil working full time and in school full time...and me in school par time...its bound to get a little sketchy at some points.  Cecil is almost done, I am so proud of him.  He comes home from wokr, helps around the house and with Quinn and then does homework late into every night. Most people would have said forget it by now, but after putting off school to go through IVF treatments and flip houses, he is determined to finish and hes so close!  But its busy, I am gone 2 nights a week to finish training to get my massage therapy license.  We are moving again...and no its still not permanent!  We are going to start house hunting when we are both  done with school, so proably sometime in 2013.  If we buy a major fixer again, we cant add that into our school and life schedule.  So thanks to my awesome dad and step mom, they just bought a beautiful peice of property on the North side of Bloomington that has a second home on it....we are going to be staying with them until we find our forever (okay forever to us is like 5 years, but you know what I mean) home.  We are so lucky to beable to do that thanks to them, take our time and find something perfect for us. 

In other news...Quinn turned 2.  He is the most precious kid every.  I mean do not get me wrong, he has his moments.  And everyone keeps telling me 3 is harder then 2, somedays I think there is no way!  But he melts my heart.  He is shy, kind hearted, loves animals, loves outside,. He has just such a free spirt when hes outside, he just puts his head up and runs and just laughs.  I love it, I could watch him learn and explore outside all day.  Now if the heat would back off a bit, the poor kid could go out more.  He just loves dirt and trees and sticks. 

He is so caring and polite.  He is very good about using his please and thank yous (sometimes with reminders.) He worries if something is wrong, or where someone went or if he lost a toy, you can tell the worry in his voice. 

He is a talking machine...I mean I am having full conversations with this kid. How did that happen?  How in just two years does a kid go from a newborn that just sleeps to a 2 year old with a vocabulary and imagination. Kids are amazing little things.  His memory is insane, and Im not just saying that because hes mine.  He literally remembers everything, like yesterday I had to go into the bank, which I never do.  The last time we were at the bank, proably 4 months ago, my dad and step mom were there, so yesterday Quinn asked when we went into the bank, Papaw and nana here?? I mean how does he remember that.  Cecil and I just look at each other sometimes when he sprouts off stuff there is no way he should remember.

This fall we are really going to start  with letters and sounds, he knows some of them but not all of them..  He can draw a circle. he knows all of the shapes, even Oval and rectangle (Mickey Mouse clubhouse taught him oval) He knows all the colors.  He can sit and play memory with Cecil and I.  He can count to 12 by himself.  He reconizes numbers on price tags, or gas station signs. 

He really loves movies, which I try to limit.  His favorites right now are Toy Story and Cars.  He will even ask to watch Cars 1 or Cars 2.  He makes me smile.

This summer has been a busy one for us, we have done programs at the park, swimming lessons, gymnastics, open gyms, story times, playdates.  We also went to Florida for a little over a week In July.  Quinn had a hard time being away from home, and he thought Cecil and I were going to leave him at the beach house.  But he started coming around and loved the pool, spent hours in it.  He loved the Beach.  He loved aunt Kassidys dogs, Roxy and Baxter.  He loved the fireworks on the beach.  He loved taking bike rides with papaw and nana. 

I love the little person he is and the little person he is becoming so much, he amazes me everyday.  I just love being his mom!  I hope one day he reads this blog and knows that I wasnt perfect and there werent always homemade meals with candles but I try really hard, and I tell him everyday multiple times how special he is to me and how much I love him....I want him to remember that...I am relizing more and more everyday its not the toys he has or the number of designer tennis shoes (even though they are to funny to almost not buy) but its the times the three of us sit on his rug and read, or when the three of us run around in the yard.....God could not have blesses with better boy in my life!

Next up in the Kenworthy house hold...potty training!!!

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