Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Starting My Business April 1st!!!!!!!!

Just wanted to update on our lives....Im into track season now, I really like it. The kids are great, most of them anyways. We started volleyball open gyms and our running a kids camp. So I feel like I am at the school all the time.

Baby wise, I am seeing my RE next week to get my schedule. I am looking to about June to do our IVF. I just want to get through opening my business, moving, and track season. So right now I am just working out really hard, doing yoga. I am down 4 pounds in a week, which is nice because fertility meds put the pounds on ya! Next week I start accupunture and fertility massage.

But some exciting news, I am opening my own business! Well its my own business inside of an already established business. I am opening an all natural skin care and wellness business. I will be using all natural products, and doing facials, peels, body treatments for stress and strain. I am really excited. I am opening in in Greenwood in a wellness center. Opening date is April 1st. I am excited to share my green lifestyle with others.

Cecil is working a lot right now. He just got his review and he ranked in the top of insurance adjusters, so I was really proud of him. He is still helping out with football.

Thank you everyone for all your support! Kari

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