Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our IVF Consultation

Well we had our IVF Consultation yesterday! We begin meds in about 1 month! I will be on Lupron for 21 days, which is a shot in the belly everynight. And as you can see with photo number 2 of the handouts we got at the doctor, that my hormones will be crazy. Uh the joys of IVF I will be a pleasure to be around Im sure. Poor Cecil! Then after 21 days I start my "stimming" meds, which will make me produce tons of eggs. Those medicines are Menopur and Follistim, which are both shots in the belly every night as well. So pretty much I am a pin cushion for a month! Then I go to the doctor everyday for an ultra sounds to make sure I am producing good eggs. Our goal is between 10 -20 eggs. So right now our approimate Egg retrival (where they go in and take out the eggs) is the end of May and Egg transfer (where the put fertilizied embroys back in) is first week in June. I am so excited, yet so nervous. I hate being on all the meds, on top of the ones I listed I will be on 7 more on the course of a month. And then after we get pregnant I will be one still a shot a day until 12 weeks to prevent will all be sooo worth it! I cant believe in about a year I will be holding our baby or babies in my arms. Well I pray to God everynight that we are! Also at our consultation we had to sign all of our scary adult consents......makes me feel very grown up, not in a good way. I have to sign off on the risks of IVF.....which are not a lot but still scary. And we have to sign off on things such as something happening to Cecil and I.....just not fun but I understand needed. The cost doesnt matter to us, but I know some people do wonder what it costs, and I know there are some people that are thinking of doing IVF following this blog, so we are looking at a total cost with meds and everything of around $14,000. But we would pay of course we think about the cost, expecially because this isnt our first time doing it, but I always try to put it in the back of my thoughts. I dont even think about what we could buy with that money because I will never think about a penny of it when we are holding our baby.
Other then that.....I have still been doing my fertility yoga, along with pilates. I had my first fertility massage on Thursday, it was different, but great. I start accupunture this week. I also am going to the chiro every other week for adjustments. I have cut caffiene out 100%. I am taking a prenatal, fish oil, dhea, and baby aspirin. Starting April 1st, I am starting the Fertility Foods diet. I have also been walking my bulldog at the park. We have so been enjoying this weather. My business is going good so far, opening the beginning of April. Track is going great, we had our first meet this past week, and they did very well for the first one. They will only get better. Cecil has been working hard to get the finishing touches on our latest flip house.....we are showing it twice tomorrow.
Everything is just falling into place........I know we are on Gods path, and thats what we plan to follow. He will lead us as he always has. We are so grateful for what we have and each other! The next month will be kindof boring, but after that the fun begins!

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