Monday, April 13, 2009

We got the House!!!!

I know random wedding picture, but our 4 year anniversary is coming up...I cant believe this was almost 4 years ago, it has flown by. But he is still my best friend and I love him more then I did this day! We never knew in this picture the trails we would have in these next years, our new marriage has been through a lot. Thankfully for us our inferility has made us stronger as a couple. And I know it will make us better parents. I was talking to a very wise lady last week who went through infertility for 8 long years (I can imagine) but she said something that stuck with me...she said about infertility I wouldnt wish it on anyone, but I wouldnt wish it not to of happened to me. And I totally agree, it has made me the person I am today, it has made me appreciate every child or baby I see. It has made me relize material things are not important, it has made me love my husband even more then I thought was possible. I have finally given it to God, I cant make it on my time anymore, its on his, I think this was his way of getting my realtionship back with him and to stop and appreciate life, because if I would have just gotten pregnant 4 years ago when we started trying, I would not be the person I am today or appreciate the life I have. I know God will give us the baby we are supposed to have. Its crazy to think I could have a 4 year old right now, but God decided to take that baby to heaven even before it took its first breath, and I do not understand and I never will but I now have faith that I do not need to understand. I finally see my infertility in the way God wants me to see it, as a blessing........

In other news...we got the house!! Yeah I am so happy, no more living in the houses we flip! We are going to have our own house again. We close in about a month, and then the work begins. Im excited because we get to start from stratch, I get to pick out everything. But we along with my doctor have decided to wait a few months on IVF, Im kindof bummed, but with moving and remodeling a house, its just not the right time, and I prayed about it and I just know I need to wait a few months to not have the stress of moving and what not...and its only a few months.......proably end of July is when we are looking at........I will be updating this blog with pictures and how the remodel is going.....

Went to my first wedding of the season Saturday, It was Ashley Bains and Bryan Nuffers, it was a beautiful wedding and she looked just as beautiful and they both seemed so happy. And I am so happy for them......

Easter was great, very laid back. We went to church in the am, all the little girls in their dresses, I loved it! Then my dad came over for lunch with Cecil and I, then I took a nap with my puppies, then we went to my moms. Its so weird with my parents being divorced, doing different things on holidays, this year will be the first for that. After 24 years of used to it being one way, its different, but I know they are both happy and thats all that matters. I just thankful for both of them being in our lives.

A lot of people have asked how my sister Kassidy is doing, she seems to be doing great in Flordia. She and Brian seem happy, adjusting to living with each other! We havent made it down there to see them yet, with my coaching schedule its tough, but we will go soon. She is cutting hair down there finally and building her clientel. I miss her and hope one day they will be back.

Well thats all for now. I will update with pictures of the new house soon!

xoxo Kari

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