Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 2009

This month has been CRAZY......Its the 31st today and my sister has been in town from Florida for 3 days. We had a cookout, went to dinner, went shopping, colored our hair, walked our dogs at the park, breakfast.....and watched a softball game together. I try and fit as much in when she is here. We went to my cousins wedding today, it was downtown at Union Station, very pretty. I also went to 3 open houses today. I cant believe girls I coached are seniors and done with high school. Its crazy. But Im a exhausted from this weekend that is for sure.

We proably close on our house tomorrow. Yeah! I am so ready to get started. I have almost everything packed up. I cant wait until its all done and we are all moved in.

I also have decided to go back to school. I have been wondering what I am going to do with myself for the past few years and after some job shadowing and searching...I am heading back for physical therapy/exercise specialist degree. I have about 2 years left, but its a hard 2 years wtih 3 semesters of clinicals. It is really something I am going to love. I hope to work in sports med when I get out. Im excited to go back. I have about 2 years left. I also found a great part time job and its a long the same lines as I am going back to school. I will be working part time at curves, helping women with exercise, fitness, and health. I think it will be a very cool job and right up my ally.

Track season is over, the girls did pretty well. Our 4x100 realy team made it to the regionals and also a 400 runner. The 4 x100 team made it on to the top 10 of all time, so they did very well. It was a great season.

Volleyball begins next week......looking forward to it and getting back into it.

I start IVF meds in a month from tomorrow.......everything is just happening at once, but I know its all in our plan and we are just a long for the ride going with the flow.........

Other then that life is well...Cecil and I will be married 4 years on June 18th, it has flown by. But I couldnt ask for a better marriage or man to be married to. He is my best friend and my better half. We have many, many years ahead of us and I cant wait to enjoy them with him.

All our peices are falling together...this is what I have been praying for........God never lets you down.......

I will post pictures of the transformation of the house soon.


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