Monday, August 24, 2009

IVF Update

So as most of you know, I got pushed back a month on our IVF. I had a huge cyst that just would not go away. I went in on August 18th and got in drained. That was an experience in itself. The procedure took all of 10 mins. It was in the surgery center. I got an IV put in and got taken back, then asked if I wanted to be put unders. I said no. So I did it without meds. I dont know if I would do it again with out meds....:) even though it was only 10 mins, well I will put it this way, IT SUCKED! But the cool thing is that I got to watch it on the ultrasound machine, I watched it be penetrated and then all the fluid sucked out till it was gone. I could even hear the fluid from the cyst coming out and dripping in a pan. Sorry if thats to much info. The funny thing is, when the fluid hits the pan it makes a sound like a bird chirping, so the doctor knows by the sound that the fluid is coming out so he doesnt have to look down and can keep his eye on the ultra here I am in stirups, about ready to kill someone because it hurts so bad, and then I get to listen to birds chirping as the fluid from my cyst hits a metal pan............oh my life experiences already and Im only 25!!!!

The good news I got that day is that my estrogen levels droped from 77 to 18, and they will not contuine with anything that is over a 50, so we are moving on to SEPTEMBER IVF!!!!

Right now I am still doing a shot everynight of Lupron, but we went from 20 units a night, to know 5, which is better. I am having trouble with the shots for some reason though, never have before. Its almost like my skin is so tough, that Cecil reall has to shove the needle in. We will get through it though. I am having a few side effects but not to many.....I am having some pretty killer hot flashes.....I always go to bed with clothes on and wake up with none. LOL....the weather cooling down has helped. I also get what they call lupron cramps, which is like deep cramps...but those come and do and arent to bad. I can be moody sometimes, and Cecil is doing very well with it. He can tell insantly if I am in a bad mood, and then he just kills me with kindness. Poor Guy. But then when I feel better, we just laugh about the ridiculous stuff that I got mad about. Like I have said before, I could not imagine going through all of this without him or with someone else. We are a great team!

So I have one more week to work on the house and to get somethings done. I start the really important shots on Monday Aug 31st. So then no exercise (besides walking) and no working on the house.....I will be producing tons and tons (hopefully) of eggs and you have to make sure they are keep in a great environment so they can grow. So no chemicals, lifting of anything, no pop (which I dont drink anyways) no junk food.

Then I go to the doctor on Sept 3rd, thats when they start montioring the growth of all my eggs and telll me how many are growing on each ovary. Then I go to the doctor everyother day, until they determine my eggs are "mature" by bloodwork and ultrasounds......then is retrival and then transfer.

My estimated transfer date is Sept 12th! Thats the big day. The day my already fertilized babies get put back into my body to attach and grow for the next 9 months.

Please keep us in your prayers, we are entering the home stretch and will really need to the support and prayers!

Thank you guys for everything!


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  1. wow! good luck with everything. you're in my thoughts.