Friday, September 4, 2009


Well I know I have used this picture before, but I wanted to use it again because I have
officially started on all these medicines and shots. I am on day 4 of my stim meds.
(Which we want to help me produce tons of eggs, the more the better) We are hoping
for between 15-20 eggs. I am doing 3 shots a night, Lupron 5 units, Menopur 75 units, and Follistim 100 units. The Lupron and Follistim are easy peasy, Menopur NOT SO MUCH.
Menopur is fine sticking the needle in, but when Cecil started to push the medicine in, Im not going to lie, it burns so bad, it feels like someone is taking a pocket knife and stabbing me in the belly. Fun Right?? I am also taking 3 other pills a day, just to keep my risk of infection down.
I went in yesterday for my first blood draw. My estrogen level was a 328, which is good. I AM PRODUCING EGGS! That is the first hurdle. My levels were actually a little high, which is a good and bad thing, it means I am porducing great, but I dont want o over produce because you can overstimulate and it can cancel your cycle and make you very, very sick. So there is a fine line there and we dont want to cross it. So they knocked my Follistim shot from 100 units to 75 units per night. I go back to the doctor every other day now for an ultrasound and bloodwork. We will do this until they consider the eggs mature. So I will go back tomorrow (Saturday) at 7:15 to see the little guys on the ultra sound. I am feeling, well I will say OKAY, not great but not super bad. I have my moments where I feel really, really sick. Its about 12 hours after my shots. I am having trouble sleeping because I am unformtable and my hot flashes are getting worse. The thing about stimming meds is they make you really, really bloated in the tummy, because your body is not used to producing so many eggs....and my ovaries feel like they weight 500 pounds each. So it gets very unformtable and the more meds I put into my body, the worse it I will let you know next week how I feel. :) The longest I could take these stims is one more week, but I will proably go before that since I am repsonding good to the medicines. I am trying to creat a great place for the eggs to grow and flourish right now. So no exercise, no pop, no junk food (I have slipped a few times) no lifting anything.
In other news, V-ball season is in full swing. We are struggling a bit this year, hopefully we will pick it up. I love the girls though and enjoy coaching them.
House news, well its kindof taking a back burner to IVF right now. So its not moving a long quite as fast as it was, but thats fine, we knew and prepared for this. Now we are hoping to be all done and moved in my Nov 1st. Right now electrical is still going on, drywall in our kitchen and this weekend will be starting on the master bath and walk in closet addition.
And Cecil and I are going to the first Notre Dame football game tomorrow, we are in the first rom and SO excited. We are huge fans, its just a great atomsphere up there and we love it!
Well thats all for now, I will be updating a lot the next few weeks because we are in the home stretch! I really, really appreciate all the support and I dont know what I would do with out it. Please keep up all the prayers, we are in no means out of the woods yet, there are still a million things to go wrong. But I feel really calm and I feel Gods presence on our side this time.
Everyone have a great Labor Day!

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  1. GOOD LUCK! major fingers are crossed over here! I can't wait to hear the u/d after the ER! sending super healthy eggie producing vibes your way!