Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just wanted to do a small update.....Im a little over 26 weeks! Feeling pretty good, hes quite an active little guy. The first 3 pictures are of Quinns room so far, I am not doing a theme room, I am just doing modern chocolate and white. So far the room is painted, new floor is in, curtain up and changing table and crib put together. I still have not decided on a mattress......I still need a rocker/glider and dresser. Nothing is on the wall yet, except his name. The 4th is my baby bump picture! I am up about 4 pounds pre pregnancy weight. Quinns is weighing in at almost 2 lbs, which is right on track. Both of us are doing great. Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming that everything keeps going smoothly. God has blessed us so much and I thank him everyday for him! Next week is 27 weeks which is the start of the 3rd trimester, which I cant believe. And then at 28 weeks we are having a 3/D ultrasound done and I have a 28 week appt. Thats all going on for now. I will update after next ultrasound!

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