Friday, February 5, 2010

Week 23

So I am offically 23 weeks today! Very Excited......I finally am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so anything from now on will offically be "baby weight." We picked out a name for our little guy, its Quinn Cecil Kenworthy. Quinn is doing great, I feel him move everyday now, some days a lot more then others, but I love every little movement. I have been off my zofran pump for a month now and the morning sickness is offically GONE! I am no longer in my regular jeans as I am gaining quite a baby bump. Next on the baby agenda is starting on his room, the picture above is the start. We already put new wood floors in and I am actually keeping the walls this chocolate color....I will post photo updates of how its going. The only things we have so far are the crib, mattress, and changing table, which are all still in boxes. Maybe with all the snow this weekend, we will get those put together. March 12th we are doing a 3/D ultra-sound where you can watch him move around and get to see facial shots, I am very excited about it. Thats really all going on right now....finally enjoying being pregnant! Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers so far, please keep us both is your prayers for us to both stay safe and healthy for the remainder of the pregnancy in early June. Thanks so much!

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