Friday, April 15, 2011


Why am I such a horrible blogger...oh I know...I am chasing a wild man all day long. Quinn is literally non stop all day long....his one good nap during the day is when I just sit down for a second and breathe.....He stopped crawling oh about 2 months hes in a sprint everywhere.....He is all boy, loves cars and destroying things. He actually tried to eat his first dead bug the other day....thankfully I was there to yank it out of his mouth...I know its going to happen, and I know I cant stop them all from being swallowed...but it just grosses me out.

The weather is finally nice...when its nice, we are outside. Quinn LOVES to be outside, I mean loves it. At the park he just walks around screaming and clapping with excitement....he loves to follow the older kids around and hes not shy at all. He loves to just sit back in his stroller and walk the day away, I think he would literally sit in the stroller all day if I could walk that long.

The kid is into toys...blocks, legos, cars, balls...anything we bring home...he LOVES. He has started throwing a ball and bouncing it on the ground. He now gives you things if you ask for them...and yes he gives up his toys to mom or dad if they ask, but just for a second, he wants them back really quick!

He is getting 3 teeth in the top now, finally....he got his bottom 2 almost 4 months ago and its been nothing since, Im not complaining, I can't imagine what it feels like for teeth to come in....but now he has 3 on the top...with a cute small little gap between the 2 front teeth, and 2 on the hes a little off balance but its super cute!

He talking a lot, mostly things we cant understand but he cracks himself right up! There will be days he will say momma proably 250 times in a day...I love those days! He now knows I am momma, when he wants me he says it....its so great, melts my heart. He also says YEAH, hes starting to say bottle, momma, dada, and mamaw.....

He will be 11 months next week.....I can NOT, let me repeat, can NOT believe it was almost a year ago that he came into our lives and changed every single second of it. The past year has been the best year of my puts all my other 26 years to shame, nothing compares to being a mom to the most preious boy, and a wife to your best friend and one of the best dads around.....I now know why people fight so hard to have families, no matter how it comes about...we fought so hard and we didnt even know what we were fighting for....I knew it was going to be good, but I never could imagine this good, he brings so much joy to our lives. I know people say what a difference a year yeah...what a difference a year makes....

Well off to search the web for some perfect things for his 12 month photo shoot....

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