Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jan 1st 2009 it begins

Well I went and got all my supplements today, that we will be starting tomorrow. I will take about 6 a day and Cecil will take 2. These just get our bodies as healthy as possible. Some are what my doctor wants me to take and 2 others are organic, natural things I have done tons of research on, that women swear by. We will see. Royal Jelly is the big one that women swear by, it is acutal bee pollen. It is supposed to help with everything fertility wise, because a female bee lays more eggs then any other thing in the world. The research and testing on it have been profound. We will take these for about 3 months to get the full affect. In that time I will stay on birth control, to clear my ovarion cysts. I also have my first accupunture appt a the end of the month, a chiro appt on friday, and fertility massage appt in January. My diet and excerise program starts tomorrow as well. Right now we are looking at March/April IVF date. We are looking at a total cost of $16,000, I know that is a big number, but this time we do have a little help from insruance as in the last time we did it we paid it all out of pocket, so we are thankful for our insurance. Cecil and I will be heading to the Flordia Keys on January 12th for a week. We decided we needed a week of relaxtion with our best friends before the craziness starts. I will update when I return home on how the supplements are going! Hope everyones 2009 will be as good as ours! Kari and Cecil


  1. Hey Kari! I just read your blog for the first time. Very's wonderful that you're posting about your journey. I'll definitely have you in my prayers!

  2. Wow! Have fun in the Florida Keys... sounds like just what the two of you need to start off the new year. I'm still thinking of you... keep your head up & keep journaling. Your baby will grow to cherish those journals someday. :)
    Happy New Year & Have fun in Florida!!!