Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Picture of our baby or babies........

So on Sept 16th we had our embryo transfer. When we arrived, I was SO nervous. I had not heard how our embryos were doing since Monday. On Monday we found out that of our 6 embryos, 1 stopped growing, 2 were looking great, and 3 were growing but slow. So we were so scared we were going to go come in and have them say all of them stopped growing. But we got there I went to the surgery center and waited for my doctor. He told us we had 1 perfect embryo, 1 almost perfect and all the others had stopped growing. We were bummed because we have none to freeze, no back-up plan. But we were so happy 2 of our guys had held on and contiuned to grow. So I signed off on putting the 2 embryos back in. Cecil sat beside me on a stool and I had an ultra sound machine on my belly. Now your bladder has to be SO full at this point, so the doctor can see what he is doing. He loaded the catheader (not sure how to spell that) with our 2 embryos and Cecil and watched on the screen, they kindof floated and then splashed in right where they needed to go. The picture above is the embryos in there, to the left of the black open part is a smaller white dot, and it looks like a circle around it, those our, our 2 embryos!

The doctor was very pleased and very confident! I was taken right back to my room where I had to lay flat for one hour. I had to pee so bad at this point from drinking so much to get my bladder full. So long behold I had my first experience peeing in a wonderful bedpan! Poor nurse. I had to though, there was NO way I could lay there for an hour with that full of a bladder.

After the hour, we came home, ate Jimmy Johns for lunch and I have been on the couch ever since. I feel okay, other then fact I am very bloated and uncomfortable. But I will make it. Cecil has been great, making sure I have everything I need. Now we are in the 2 week wait, the WORST part I think. We have to wait 2 weeks and then I do bloodwork to find out if the pregnancy took. Implantation is supposed to happen between 1-5 days after the transfer, so ANY time now my little guys could be snuggling in! We are hoping and praying they want to stay around for 9 more months.......

There will not be much to update for the next 2 weeks, I will be taking it very easy and trying to relax and NOT go crazy!

Once again, all the support has been wonderful, please keep us in your prayers for the next 5 days, and that our embryos decide to stay around!


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  1. fingers crossed!!!! so excited for you both!