Monday, September 7, 2009

In the Home Stretch

Well Cecil and I went for my 3rd ultra sound and blood draw of the long weekend, poor nurses having to work their entire labor day weekend. I felt bad. But my E2 level today was 1440, which is getting up there. Not in the scary zone yet.....on the other hand, it means I am producing those eggs, and I am producing well. And I only have to do 2 of my shots tonight instead of 3! As of today my nurse, measured 15 little eggs! I have reached my goal. Now just because there are 15 in there, doesnt mean during the retrival the DR will beable to get them all out. We hope he can get as many out as possible, but he will not beable to find all of them. (Last IVF, I had 16 eggs and they only got 7 out at the retrival) We are hoping for at least 10 on retrival day. The next few days I have to take it very easy and push gatorade and fluids. I DO NOT want to get OHHS, which means I have overstimulated and could be cancelled.

The next 3 days will be very uncomfortable. I am VERY bloated, no longer able to fit into anything besides sweats and dresses. This week alone I have but on 7.5 its a big change to my body. But it looks like FRIDAY Sept 11th is the big day, the retrival, I know what a day right, but I actually feel good about it. For one its my moms birthday and I know its Sept 11th, but I feel almost like everyone who tragically lost their life on that day will be looking down on us trying to bring a new life into this world. And my sister, will actually be in town for a wedding, so she will be here too.

Well I will update on Wednesday, I got back for another ultra sound and blood draw. Please keep our little guys in your prayers that they continue to grow.
xoxo Kari

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