Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our First Ultrasound

So I went in to my regular OB today (who does not deliever babies) to tell him we were pregnant since he has been there the longest during my venture through everything. Of course he was so happy for us. But I mentioned I have been having some pain, so he did an ultra sound. I WAS so nervous. My heart was racing, I hear so many stories about going to an ultrasound and there being just an empty sac. But there showed up 1 sac, it was alittle to soon for a heartbeat, I am a little over 5 weeks. But my doc said the sac was not empty, something going on it there! The pain is from 2 small cysts, he didnt seem concerned about them or the pain I was having. He said everything looked great.

We are still set for our ultrasound next week as well. Hopefully we will hear the heartbeat, there is chance it will still be to early, but hopefully not.

The chance of miscarriage goes way down after a heartbeat is heard. And goes way, way down after 13 weeks......I will be 13 weeks on Thanksgiving. I cant wait.

Please keep this baby in your prayers. Please pray for the little one to hang on for dear life for the next 8 months. I pray about 20 times a day, thanking God for this miracle and asking him to help this baby hang on. I love this little guy so much already. I really, really hope and pray that I will be holding them in about 8 months. This is the scariest thing I have ever been through. Everything scares me, and Im so worried at all times. Im sure I will be that way until he/she is in my arms.

By the way we did a Chinese Gender calander and it said we are having a girl. Its supposed to be 90% accurate. We will be happy with anything, just praying for healthy.

As far as me, I am feeling pregnant most of the time. Sometimes I dont feel any symtoms and its scares me. But most of the time I have the typical pregnancy symtoms...sore boobs, sick to my stomach, headaches, tired, throwing up yet, but the thought of some foods, make me gag. I am waiting for the throwing up to hit, I thought for sure today would be the day, I was so sick after I ate. But nothing so far, maybe I will be a lucky one.

Cecil, is very happy. Already a great dad to be. Making sure I am eating right, taking all my meds, making sure I am drinking enough. He tells the baby he loves "it." Makes me smile. Cant wait to see him with this baby for the first time, he is going to be awesome! I think I will have to fight him to hold the baby!

Thanks for prayers and please keep them coming. These next fews weeks are so important and vital for the baby.

By the way the picture above you can clearly see the sack, and more then likely there is just 1 baby in there. One can be hiding out, and we will find out next week!

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