Monday, October 19, 2009

Week 6 Ultrasound

So we had our 2nd ultrasound last week. I was still a nervous wreck. THis is the first ultrasound Cecil has been too. I cant believe the difference in just one week. We actually saw the baby, not just the fetal pole and sac. (in the pic above the round white thing is the yoke sac and the thing to the right of it is the baby!) And then we saw the most amazing thing, the little heart just beating away. It was to early to hear it but we def saw it. One of the greatest moments my husband and I have ever had. Everything still looked great, my levels looked great, the baby was measuring right on time. We go back this Wednesday for another ultrasound and then I get released to my OB! I will update again after Wednesday. Please keep us in your prayers, that Wednesdays looks as good as this one!
Today I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant, so I will hit the 8 week mark this friday. Everyday is a miracle to me, hitting everyweek is a milestone. I am feeling pregnant, that is for sure. I am loosing weight actually because I am not eating hardly at all, which doesnt make me happy. But the thought of food just makes me gag. I have only thrown up once, but have gagged myself many times, expecially when I brush my teeth. I am just very nauseous most of the time, I do get a break every so often and start to feel good but then it always comes back. I am very tired. I am still pretty crampy, which makes me a nervous wreck, but I have been crampy the entire time.......and no matter how many times I read on the internet that it is normal to be crampy in early pregnancy, it doesnt matter....I am still freaked out. I also have 2 ovarian cysts that are giving me some pain as well, well I hope thats what it is. They showed up on my ultrasound.

I cant believe Im only about 4 1/2 weeks till Im done with the first trimester. Its going slow, yet fast. Im ready to be out of the first tri, so maybe I can actually relax a little, but proably not!

Please, Please keep this little one in your prayers, your prayers have done wonders so far, I know they have. Just ask him to stay and stick around with us for the next 7 months! I have faith this is going to work out!

xoxo~ Kari


  1. how exciting!! i remember the beginning so clearly. it was so fun and exciting! still is!

  2. YAHOOO for seeing the HB!!! sooooo coool isn't it? beyond thrilled for you guys. please don't let the cysts worry you--they are very common in early pregnancy and in fact are a good thing b/c they are what help keep your progesterone levels up until the placenta takes over at week 13 or 14. :) :) I KNOW the cramping is freaky but I promise it's fine!! did I tell you we had another couple over for cards/drinks (non-alcoholic for me of course) around week 8 and I sent them home in tears just SURE I was losing the baby the cramping was so bad! us a rice sock warmed in the microwave, take a warm (not hot) bath, anything you can do to soothe yourself. now that you have seen the HB the chances of anything going wrong are incredibly slim! this baby is here to stay, mama, so own it! :) :)