Sunday, October 11, 2009

Post about previous post

Just wanted to make it clear after reading the poem thing I posted below that someone sent to me. I did not write this. While I like it because it talks about not treating your infertility as a huge problem, be thankful for the things it has brought you. I dont agree with the part about being anything better because we have been through it. I think women who have been through infertility have a different presective on things, but not a better perspective, and in no way, shape, or form are mothers who have been through inferility better then mothers who didnt. I dont like that part of the writing......there was a quote that a read from a lady that finally had a baby after 10 years of struggling and she said, "I wouldnt wish inferitiliy on my worst enemy, but I also would not want it taken away from me." I totally agree that it has made me the way I am today, it has made me love my husband more then I ever thought possible, but in no way to I think infertility is going to make me a better mother, awesome mothers come from everywhere and every story, adoption, surrogacy, infertility, teen mothers, and even when there is no circumstance and you just have a baby........Awesome mothers are every where and I would never think I am a better mother...EVER,, Im sure this time next year there will be times when I think I am awful mother, like Im sure everyone has felt at some point. I wanted to put this writing on my blog, to show not the part about being better because I dont believe that, but I want people to know, I am in most ways thankful for everything in my life, good and bad, it has made me the person I am today. SO please dont take it the wrong way....I know anyone that is reading this blog is beyond an awesome mom and parent...and how do I know that, because you wouldnt be reading it if you didnt care about what I have been through to bring a life into this world, and caring about any child coming into the world whether it be through IVF or not, makes anyone a great parent.

This blog is for everyone I know that has a child, because I dont know of any bad moms, they are all awesome!

Just didnt want anyone to take that the wrong way.........

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  1. I did not realize that your post was not your own writing, well most of it anyway. I did not want you to think you had to justify anything, but I appreciate the clarification. All mothers are special, no matter how they got that way and that is what's important. We're going to be mothers so lets share this special journey together. God Bless!