Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 9

Well time flys when your having fun right? Well not sure...I am 9 weeks today, getting closer and closer to that 12 week mark makes me happy, I wish it would just get here already though. But the baby has had no problems. As you can see from the ultrasound picture, you can actually make out the little head and where the back is crazy how the baby is growing from week to week. I had my first appt with my new OB this week, even though I dont meet her until my 12 week appt, I was really impressed with the office and the Nurses I did see. On Monday we got an ultrasound, and the littles ones heartrate was at 162. This is the first belly ultrasound I have had, so its great to not have to do the fun kind anymore. And the tech actually saw and I saw too, the baby move around. It was so crazy and so wonderful. So the baby is doing perfect...I love "it" (by the way I hate calling the baby it) so much already and cant wait to meet him/her.

So the baby is doing great, which is my main concern...but me on the other hand.....have had some rough days........I have been pretty sick for about 3 weeks, just gagging and dry heaving really, and this week started the throwing up. On Wednesday I was throwing up everything, including gatorade, so I got put on an IV of fluids. I have felt better after that. I am losing weight, which I think it pretty common, but I am not eating very much at all. I am trying to figure out ways to get some calories down but its not working out to great. But I will throw up everyday of the 9 months, if thats what needs to happen. (Im hoping it will end soon though)

Heres whats going on in Week 9 with the little one....

Your Baby's Development
The tail at the bottom of your baby's spinal cord has shrunk and almost disappeared by this week. In contrast, your baby's head has been growing — it's quite large compared with the rest of the body and it curves onto the chest. By this week, your baby measures about 0.6 to 0.7 inches (16 to 18 millimeters) from crown to rump and weighs around 0.1 ounces (3 grams). The tip of the nose has developed and can be seen in profile, and flaps of skin over the eyes have begun to shape into eyelids, which will become more noticeable in the next few weeks.
The digestive system continues to develop. The anus is forming, and the intestines are growing longer. In addition, internal reproductive features, such as testes and ovaries, start to form this week.
Your baby may make some first movements this week as muscles develop. If you had an ultrasound now, those movements might even be visible, but you won't be able to feel them for several more weeks.

After many tears and talks with Cecil and me getting H1N1 Vax, I did decide to get it this week. I was nervous with it being so new and being pregnant and all, but pregnant women and kids were in top priority.......and Mooresville was struck with a tradgety this week.......A beautiful young 27 year old mother to a 9 month old baby, was taken to Heaven yesterday after fighting for her life for 5 days, after getting H1N1. I followed with her family for the 5 days, it was so awful. God was just ready for her yesterday. I played basketball with her in high school, she graduated a few classes before me, but I remember her being so beautiful and honestly one of the nicest people I have ever met. So for me, it was clear, I stood in line on Thursday with all the other pregnant women and kids and got my shot. I did what Cecil and I felt was right for the baby and myself. Please pray for the families of Jamie Blackwell Loveless, pray for them to have strength during this time. And please pray for baby Gavin, whos mom will live on through him forever.

My next appt is Nov 23rd, I will be over 12 weeks and I get to meet the doctor. But it will be the longest I have been without an ultrasound, so Im sure I will be a nervous wreck the entire time. Thats the nice thing about IVF, you get many more ultrasounds and really see how the baby grows from week to week in the begining, I will miss that! But I know if just means the baby is doing fine and healthy. Please continue to say your prayers that both of us stay healthy and the little one stays as strong as it has this far. This baby is so blessed to have so many people love it already! It is going to be one spoiled little baby. Also Please keep Jamie's family in your prayers. I know she will be greatly missed.


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